Eight Simple Beard Grooming Tips

So, you’ve finally decided to grow a beard. Now what? How can you keep your beard from growing into what looks like the Amazon Jungle?

We’ve scoured the Internet for the very best tips for grooming your beard, and here’s how you can trim, groom, and otherwise keep your beard healthy:

#1- Use a professional to trim your beard until you’ve watched them enough to know how to do it. Many guys swear they can only trim their beards, but until you know how to really trip a beard properly, go to a professional.

#2- Stray hairs should be removed with a trim razor, NOT by plucking.

#3- Never trim your beard or mustache when wet. Hair is longer when wet, so you may end up discovering you’ve trimmed too much hair off if you trim when wet.

#4- You absolutely need a reliable wall mirror. Most guys will tell you they are simply indispensable. If possible, a three-way mirror may also help you, or perhaps you should consider a magnifying mirror if you have poor vision.

#5- Your beard should be treated like your other hair. You should shampoo and wash it routinely. A mild shampoo is easier on the skin, and unless you use professional beard products, you’re going to dry out your skin with a harsh shampoo.

#6- Never blow-dry your beard. It can have negative effects on your skin. Instead, gently pat and wipe your beard with a towel. It’ll help keep your skin and beard soft.

#7- Beard oil may be a new thing, but it’s certainly beneficial if you really want to take care of your beard. As many guys can attest to, beard oil softens, shines, and nourishes a beard so it grows healthier, looks better, and feels better.

#8- Don’t let your beard grow too long if you don’t plan on grooming it properly. Nobody likes a beard that looks gross and smells horrible.

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