I Tried Trinoxid for Two Weeks — Here are my Results

Just recently, I saw a commercial for a male enhancement product for the millionth time and I thought to myself — do products like these really work? I mean seriously, there are like a few hundred of them, so I figured I’d just bite the bullet and see what all the fuss is about.

I eventually stumbled upon a sexual health blog that had a number of product reviews. Some they claimed worked, while others were not worth my time.

After looking through the reviews, I found a product called “Trinoxid” and it was even endorsed by pornstars. Kind of interesting I thought. Pornstars know performance and what not, so if its good enough for their pleasure, it should be good enough for my girlfriends.

So eventually, I got out my credit card and decided to purchase the product and this cream they told me would help. After about four days, I received my shipment in the mail and decided it was time to put these products to the test.

Four Weeks Later

It’s been a month, and I can safely say I found some interesting results from this product. The most noticeable difference was my libido, closely followed by the sensitivity during sex.

My libido is average; sex once per week is typically good enough for me. Not anymore at least. I wanted to have sex at least every other day, and sometimes every day for a sustained period of time. I’m not sure if it was because my testosterone levels had increased or what.

The second noticeable difference was the sensitivity during sex. Things were a lot more “passionate” and “pleasurable” so to speak. Maybe my sex life had gotten plain and boring, i don’t know. But suddenly, the sensation of sex felt great once more, and i think my girlfriend was a lot happier about it.

I wasnt really expecting any difference and size, and sure enough — I didn’t experience any difference (I’m doing just fine anyways).

Would I recommend this product to someone? Probably. It wasn’t the miracle product that made me perform like a pornstar suddenly, but I definitely have a happier sex life. It’s probably worth the $70 or $80 so bucks.

Want to learn more about Trinoxid? Feel free to read my full Trinoxid review.

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