My Experience With DSN Preworkout

Today’s fitness world advertises all kinds of crazy supplements. There are pre-workouts, post-workouts, intra-workouts, whey protein, test boosters, weight loss products, and hundreds of other types of products that get thrown at us.

While many are junk, one thing I’ve always been fascinated with is preworkout products. Gone are the days of ole reliable, aka Jack3d. Nothing will ever come close to that, at least in my lifetime.

Recently, I saw an ad for a supplement called DSN Preworkout, manufactured by Dark Storm Nutrition. It promised all the typical benefits of a preworkout, but I was intrigued because it didnt have a fancy name. It just kinda says what it is — a preworkout.

I signed up for a trial of the preworkout & postworkout product and received both 14 day trials within a few days.

On day 1, I took DSN preworkout and within 20 minutes-ish I felt a good surge of energy coming my way. On the way to the gym I felt that lazer-sharp focus that often hits once the B-vitamins kick in.

At the gym, I had a nice steady flow of energy throughout my entire 75 minute workout. I felt energized, focused, and definitely had a noticeable extra pump to my workout. It wasn’t like I took meth or anything, it was pleasant. I wasn’t quite as wiped when I finished my workout either, which was another good sign.

I popped two capsules of the DSN Post-workout product and took my protein shake like normal. I can say that I wasnt quite as sore the next day, although I was still sore.

Over the next few weeks, I continued using both products and to my surprise, they were definitely helping me improve my performance to a decent extent.

I decided to keep using both products and to this day I still take both. I feel they’re both actually benefiting me which is rare in this industry.

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