By Christopher Cheney

After a recent episode of Sup? Podcast — Ep. 37 / The Duck is Cold, I stated after I saw the Off-White Instagram filter, it made me aggravated. When I saw it, I knew I was mad about it, but I wasn’t sure why. I thought about it after wanted to elaborate why it bothers me. I should remind everyone that my opinion really ain’t shit, but it might be interesting to see things from a different perspective.

Supreme New York Logo Type Breakdown

By Christopher Cheney

I forget what year I exactly created these, I think it was 2014. Originally I made these for the now dead streetwear blog SLAMXHYPE. This was the closest thing that I’ve made thats ever gone ‘viral’. No one knows it was me who made them either. Working for the blog, I couldn’t put my name anywhere. Which is fine by the way, I knew that to be the case. Generally that’s how it goes when you work for a corporate entity.

It’s kinda crazy though — these images get pulled up in design meetings I’m in being…

Sup? Podcast

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