Logo Fonts In / Streetwear (Updated)

Supreme New York Logo Type Breakdown

By Christopher Cheney

I forget what year I exactly created these, I think it was 2014. Originally I made these for the now dead streetwear blog SLAMXHYPE. This was the closest thing that I’ve made thats ever gone ‘viral’. No one knows it was me who made them either. Working for the blog, I couldn’t put my name anywhere. Which is fine by the way, I knew that to be the case. Generally that’s how it goes when you work for a corporate entity.

It’s kinda crazy though — these images get pulled up in design meetings I’m in being used as reference or inspiration. I’ve seen them on co-workers screens, random Pinterest boards, Tumblr posts, even other blogs covered the original SLAMXHYPE post (which doesn’t exist anymore).

When I originally made these, I was under a time crunch. I didn’t have a lot of time to make them, I had a deadline. Looking at them years later I can admit they aren’t 100 percent. That’s why after we talked about different brands switching up their logo types on Sup? Podcast Ep. 29, I wanted to update just just a couple of them (I felt like updating them all wasn’t worth the effort). Basically I just updated a few that really bothered me.

I’m sure these are 100 percent still, but the minor mistakes really started to annoying me. Now I feel more confident about them. I’m sure the old ones will still get used more than these updated ones, but whatever. I’m just happy I did it.

Here’s a link to my art Instagram with albums of the originals I did.

Follow Chris on Instagram @notthatcheney & the podcast @suppodcastnyc

LV is pretty much straight Futura Book
Palace sticks with Helvetica the whole way and adds an extreme shear for added performance look
“BONUS” — Off-White just uses Helvetica and doesn’t modify it at all (at least from what I can see)

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