Virgil Quotations Are A “Design Element”

By Christopher Cheney

After a recent episode of Sup? Podcast — Ep. 37 / The Duck is Cold, I stated after I saw the Off-White Instagram filter, it made me aggravated. When I saw it, I knew I was mad about it, but I wasn’t sure why. I thought about it after wanted to elaborate why it bothers me. I should remind everyone that my opinion really ain’t shit, but it might be interesting to see things from a different perspective.

Three different Off-White IG filter options

Although the quotations are some of the smartest use of irony I have seen involving clothing, it has gotten to the point where they strip away any acknowledgment of process or occupation. Once the “FOR WHATEVER” gets placed on something, that’s all they become, the shit with the quotes on it. It started a unique and identifiable design element, but now… not. As a designer, that’s where the anger comes from. Looking at a girl doing duck face with imaginary Off-White sunglasses makes me think that fashion is more of an abstract concept than a real occupation anymore. What was the process here? Does anyone care about the material? How many times did they re-work this one part to get it right? Was this a stock factory item they just threw quotes on? Did they really put some effort into designing this?

I mean, they probably did, but to me it got lost somewhere. Between the hype for it, the likes it gets, and now the faces it can help make — I’m good. Doesn’t seem authentic anymore. Once it popped off a product and entered the physical space in the form of the IG filters, it became a full gimmick. The quotes have become a cheap trick for hype now, at least to me.