CybexBet Springtime Events — Generous BTC Divided, iPhone XRs Giveaway

CybexBet has received extensive support since day1 and we hereby thank all players engagement and support!

As the world’s first chain-based dice game that supports almost every mainstream tokens, CybexBet will further support XRP, LTC, BNB, EOS as well as hundreds of other tokens, to enable seamless play in hundreds of tokens by a single account.

Why CybexBet? Why Us?

  1. CybexBet is based on the decentralized exchange, thus no need for KYC or wallet setups. registration can be done in 3 seconds!
  2. Better mining mechanism. You can mine CYBG from your bets, and use CYBG you mined in Cybex Lucky-draw, in exchange for iPhone, Kindle and other physical prizes!
  3. Playing in hundreds of tokens by only one account. ETH Casino and USDT Casino have been operating, and Casinos for BNB, NEO, LTC, XRP will open soon!

Recently, CybexBet has rolled out more exciting events, just see below:

The events are basing ETH casino with generous bounties and presents.

7BTC and 7iPhone XRs Await

Big surprises every day

Event1. Beginner’s Benefits


1. Divide 1BTC with others only if you place just 1 bet (amount not few than 0.001ETH) during the event. Each account will only be counted as one divider no matter how many bets are placed.

2. Another 1BTC to be divided by players satisfying the following conditions:

One-day total wagers exceed 5ETH. You will have more dividing quotas, up to 8, if your wagers exceed 5 in different days respectively.

e.g. If your wagers exceed 5ETH on 13th, you will have one quota for the division of BTC, but if your wagers are also bigger than 5 on the following 2 days, you will have 3 quotas, in total, for that division.


  1. This event is for new players that put their first bet after 16:00, Mar 13(GMT+8).
  2. The quotas are only granted for players registered through the website or mobile front end. Any foul, malicious, or script-assisted register will be considered invalid.

BTC release: by 18:00 Mar 21(GMT+8)

Event2. BTC for Bet Heroes

Event time: 16:00, Mar 13–16:00, Mar 20


During the event time, top 5 rankers of the accumulated wagers rank will be rewarded 5BTC in total!


1st place 2BTC;

2nd place 1.5BTC;

3rd place 0.8BTC;

4th place 0.5BTC;

5th place 0.2BTC.

Note: You can click the bitcoin icon to view real-time ranks, which refresh on an hourly basis. Event2 is ETH casino limited.

BTC release: by 18:00 Mar 21(GMT+8)

Event3. iPhone XR Giveaway Every Day

Event time: every 21:00, Mar 13- Mar 19(GMT+8);

Route: CybexDex App→Game Center→Cybex Lucky-draw

Details: Each piece is sold at 10 CYBG, and 1 iPhone XR splits into 3,500 pieces. A personal single-purchase limit is 10% of all pieces. There will be 7 iPhone XRs during the event, one for each day.

Prize: iPhone XR 64G ($749), 7 in total

Award release: Please send your contacts, address, and other info. to We will verify them and deliver the prize to you within 7 workdays.

No more waiting, see you in CybexBet!


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