Do you plan to get an online presence for your brand by developing a website in an easy manner?

If yes, then you Squarespace is a high recommendation in this relation. This website builder offers a healthy collection of design templates that allow you to develop a design in accordance with your business category.

For instance, if you are planning to launch a restaurant, there is a dedicated template for this purpose. Similarly, if you are a photographer and you want your website to carry a collage work of photographs, Squarespace provides a dedicated template for the same as well.

Apart from the large collection of default Squarespace templates available, you can even customize them and even modify them from the start.

All the customization options can be executed by using simple drag and drop options. For instance, a lot of Squarespace website creators do not know that they can resize the blocks of their website by following few simple steps. You can change the size of the block by moving your cursor between two blocks.

After that, you can drag the block in the direction that you want it to go in. This Squarespacecustomization technique works if the blocks are vertically placed. However, when the blocks are not placed in a side by side manner, you have to use spacers for increasing their size.

Another customization feature related to Squarespace templates is related to font and headers. At times, users are not convinced with the standard font size, style and header style of their web pages. In other words, they want to modify these parameters.

In case of Squarespace websites, you can do this without a lot of trouble. When you are changing the style of your header, you need to paste the needed code segment in the CSS segment.

Before pasting the code segment, make sure that the font style and size are according to your preferences. Squarespace is an easy to use platform and it provides an infrastructure to develop the most dynamic web pages by following very simple steps.

There is no doubt that when custom buttons are used on a website, it becomes extremely catchy. Most users like to modify the designs of their website buttons. This can be done in a simple manner with Squarespace websites.

All you need to do open the “Design” menu and upload the background image that your button to carry. The image file is loaded in the “.png” format.

Squarespace is a complete solution for all web designing requirements. As a business owner, you can develop the finest pages and market your services in the best manner.

The cost factor is one of the negative factors attached to a Squarespace website. Editing any component of the website is not a hard task. You simply need to select the component that you plan to change and make changes using the navigation panel placed on the left side of your web page.

If you need more help, you can read our guide on How to create a website using Squarespace.