This is the original of a revised article written for ShingetsuNews Agency, the best English speaking progressive news source in Japan. Check out my author page for all my Shingetsu News stories.

Climate change in Japan is a troubling topic, and honestly, for most it’s overwhelming. The impact of it has widespread effects on a range of different natural systems, and many of those systems are interconnected.

Rather than focus on narrow data points, I’d like to paint a broader picture of how climate change will change life itself in Japan.

Do you like Anago? Unagi? Say Goodbye

Whether we talk about Anago or Unagi, eels, are a beloved part of Japanese cuisine and are disappearing. In the case of saltwater eels, you can thank rising ocean temperatures for their disappearance. Research from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology has shown a reduction of saltwater eel larvae of 5.5% …

Check it out. This is a quick plug giving credit to one journalist’s long-suffering effort to bring a progressive voice to the Japanese news ecosystem.

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Michael Penn (マイケル・ペン), the founder of Shingetsu News (新月ニュース) is a mission driven journalist standing up in the land of hammered down nails. When he isn’t covering Japan on Al-Jazeera he’s pumping out all the best political dirt in Japan, and making it available in English.

With very little financial support, Michael has kept this news outlet going for the last 8 years and built and maintained the online news agency to well over 400 articles. …

The world has never been more ready for the renewable energy and solar revolution than at this particular moment in history.

Yet, despite all the evidence of the benefits and positive impact that a transition to solar technology can have on everything from the economy and jobs to the environment, many residential and commercial solar companies continue to fight what can feel like an uphill struggle in the battle to win over consumer hearts and minds.

What Does Storytelling Have to Do With Solar Panel Installation?

Whether you are trying to sell books, batteries or solar roof panels, the age-old sales and marketing mantra holds true: people don’t like to be sold to. …

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