Unique upcoming NFT project to add to your watchlist!

The most recent addition to the list of hottest upcoming NFT projects is called Meta Pharaohs. This project is unique for several reasons you would want to hear. As the name suggests, this collection of artworks is based on an ancient egyptian god called Anubis. The base character is presented in a modern way with a variety of elements and features that make this collection worth taking a look at solely for the the artistic element.

However, after visiting the website, one can see the dedication and innovative ideas of the management team behind this project. This can be seen trough the projects extensive roadmap and utilities that future collection owners are offered. The most noteworthy element of this project however, has to be the Forbidden NFT. This Forbidden NFT consist of 5 pieces that will be released randomly once the official sale begins. The wallet that collects all 5 pieces will initiate a fusion of these 5 elements and create the rarest artwork. The collector of these 5 elements is then presented with price money of 1 million USD.

Furthermore, this collection is unique for a different reason. This management team offers a promising floor price model which increases by 10 ETH monthly with an exponential growth starting from July. To do achieve this, 50% of the projects revenue will be re invested to boost the projects further development and recognition. Therefore it can safely be assumed that this NFT collection is the first of its kind since owning a piece of this collection is to be regarded as a long term productive asset rather than speculative short term investment. This idea is further supported by the shareholder model. Owning 2 or more pieces makes the investors shareholders in this project which will receive 8% royalty from each sale in the form of monthly dividends.

Down below are further Meta Pharaohs sneak peaks. For more information join the discord grouphttps://discord.gg/vVN6ARTDNK as well as the official Meta Pharaohs website https://metapharaohs.com