How to use Golden Ratio bot
Oct 9 · Unlisted

The Golden ratio Bank nifty Intraday futures is a breakout trading bot. With this bot, all you need to do is just a click a button at 9.25 AM, it places entry, target and stop loss values for you.

The bot places bracket orders with both Buy level and Short level. Once you click on zerodha/upstox button, it prompts you to enter login credentials and then it allows you to place orders.

Users who wants to take trial can use this link

You can enter input to the bot with below syntax after 9:25 AM

I have given input as 1;2;0.5;0.5 to the bot, which means 1 lot quantity, 2% target from entry price, 0.5% stop loss from entry and 0.5% as trailing stop loss

Once you click on Place, the order goes to your Zerodha system. When executed, the respective target and stop loss orders will be placed automatically by the system.

The historical results of this strategy can be downloaded from this link

If you want to purchase this bot, use the below link


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    Squareoff is an Algo Trading firm

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