How to use StopHunt Trading bot?
Oct 9 · Unlisted

The stophunt bot is an intraday trading bot that quickly scans 150 list of stocks and gives buy signal when condition is satisfied. This system has very higher winning accuracy of greater than 85%.

The bot sends stock alerts like below when condition matches, you can click on respective broker button.

Users who wants to take trial can use this link below to join the trial channel

It takes you to a execution page with an option to enter you capital that you want to allocate to the trade, if you enter Rs.10000 and click on update, then the quantity for the trade gets updated accordingly.

Then you can click on buy, which will place the respective orders in your account. Please note that this bot, only helps you in finding the high probability winning trades where you enter into it, however once entered, based on profits you can exit whenever you want or you can keep your own stop loss or target level. The bot follows 3% target and stop loss as 10%, even though stop loss is wide, it doesn’t get trigger often, we just give enough room for the stock to fluctuate after entry.

If you want to purchase this bot, use the below link


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