Trade from Telegram — India’s first and only trading bot

A first of its kind, India’s first and only Telegram trading bot that would allow Zerodha users to place trades at a click of a button. We have developed an automated Intraday stock algorithm that would notify users and allow users to place trades from Telegram at a click of a button.

In our earlier article, we published about an intraday strategy and many people have given feedback that due to their day job or business, they cannot monitor the stock levels and place trades.

Based on the feedback we developed an automated Telegram alert bot that would not only send the alert to the user, it will also allow the user to place the trades in their trading account in a click of a button.

Once the user gets the notification in Telegram, he can click on the button to execute the order.

One click button to Execute order

By default, the bot will pre-fill the quantity, Entry price, exit, stop loss and target. Everything for you, you just have to click the alert to execute. And the quantity that is being sent by the bot is for One Lakh capital, if your capital is Rs.50k, then you modify the order and divide the default quantity by 2 and place the order. If your capital is only Rs.25000, then modify the order, divide the quantity by 4 and place the order, so you can trade with any capital.

You can check this video to know how it works

Our Telegram automated bot works with Zerodha only, if you do not have an account, you can open one here in few mins.

Click here to open Zerodha account.

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