It has been a successful week for our Datocoin token and for our sports betting project, as you know our project is based on the usability of our native token, we are developing new platforms for the use of Datocoin and new ideas so that many cryptotraders are interested in our project.
Currently our token is available in exchange as Yobit, Mercatox, Token store and Forkdelta, we have our own decentralized exchange, and our sports betting house, so far we are faithfully fulfilling our Roadmap, and we want to reward our Token holders and the people who have trusted us.

What is Colium? Colium will develop a last generation Decentralized Exchange Platform, Colium will be delivered to all Holders token that maintain a minimum of 3000 DTCN on August 15, 2018 AT 6PM London time. 75% of the Colium tokens will be delivered in 3 rounds of airdrop, 25% of the Colium tokens will remain in the team.

Let’s talk about the first round!

The corporate will take the screenshot on August 15, at 6PM London time.
Ticket: COL
Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Tokens to deliver First Round: 300,000,000 COL
Relation: 1DTCN = 10 COL
Minimum To Maintain to participate: 3,000 DTCN
Starting price: 0.5 USD / COL
You must have the DTCN on your personal ERC20 wallet to get the Coliums.

At the moment we are in negotiations with some exchange houses to list our Airdrop Colium, a token of loyalty, for a project that is innovating sports betting and smart contracts, it should be noted that you can buy DTCN at the following exchanges.

You Can Buy COLIUM here:

Thank you very much for the attention, expect new updates and news about this great Airdrop!