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Exports of 37 tons of saffron / 94% of world production in Iran

Seyyed Ruhollah Latifi stated:
During the first 3 months of 1399, despite the existing difficulties following the outbreak of the Corona virus,
we have exported 37,645 kg of saffron to more than 52 countries.

The spokesman of Iran’s customs added:
the value of this volume of saffron exports is 38 million 579 thousand 816 dollars.

He said:
The main export destinations of saffron in the country are Hong Kong with 12 tons and 734 kg and worth 14 million 403 thousand 355 dollars,
Spain with 9 tons and 198 kg and the United Arab Emirates with 3 tons and 485 kg.
Italy, Korea, Germany, Sweden, France and China are other export destinations.

The Secretary of the Customs Information Council stated:
out of 122 thousand hectares of saffron cultivated area in the world,
115 thousand hectares are in Iran and practically 94% of the world’s saffron is produced in our country.

He added:
In 2009, about 500 tons of saffron was produced in the country and normally about 80% of this product is exported and most of the exports
are done through air transport; Unfortunately, the corona virus has had a negative impact on foreign trade around the world,
and we have seen a negative impact on saffron exports due to the reduction or cessation of foreign flights.

Latifi added:
The three active ingredients of saffron are crocin, picrocrocin and saferonal,
which have high medicinal properties and are produced from many countries such as Hong Kong, Spain and Germany.
In fact, saffron exports can be considered as the export of a strategic commodity.

He expressed hope:
with the reopening of flight routes and curb restraint, the process of saffron exports will increase significantly this year.

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