Everything you need to know about IBX Network

What’s IBX Network?

IBX Network is a Decentralized Social Network.

Our visión is to become the first descentraliced Freelance Platform focused on the social work, the development of ideas and projects, meeting people with the same interests, cooperation with professionals and the teamwork in common projects. The platform is self-regulated through feedback, improving community day after day.

Network Platform
The platform offers facilities for project development, teamwork cooperation and communication. Was conceived under the concept of connecting ideas and people. Contact and work with people with same interests, create proposals or share proyects and ideas with groups and the community.

IBX Community.

IBX holders, will get the benefits of IBX Ecosystem and retributions from Ads services. The proyects, post and share of Market Analysis will make the whole community to be sustainable and self regulated by users.

What’s IBX Coin?

IBX Coin is the IBX Network Platform native ERC-20 token. 
A Initial Coin Offering is currently ongoing for IBX-

· IBX Coin

· ERC20 Contract: 0xf1b73b26cec1e6dd2c18262025be77566337b491

· Maximum Cap: 50,000,000 IBX

· Sale Started: Jun 27, 2018

· Maximum Sale Duration: 112 days

· Bonuses: Yes

· How to Buy IBX

What makes IBX Network different?

The IBX community is regulated through feedback, having in real time a clear vision of each project and user in real time. Teamwork and project concretion will improve the community day by day . Meet people with same interest, cooperate in common proyects, get funds and work with practical technical tools.

·Anti-Censorship Platform. The founders, core team developers and software engineers decide to develop a product free of censorship totally regulated by the community.

· Social Network Descentralized. Collaborate in Proyects Development, Create proposals and get funds or Share an idea. The IBX Platform is designed to all Cryptoenthusiast, professionals , and developers. Ready to change the social investments.

· Exchange listing for IBX. IBX Company will be in charge in determining the best exchanges avariable for do public trading after the token sale. Markets are IBX/BTC, IBX/ETH, and IBX/USD.

· Buyback and IBX holders Ads program. IBX community and Token holders get benefits from a continuous buy back that reduces its supply. IBX uses the proceeds from Advertising Services to buy back IBX from the open market.

· Superior performance. IBX offers robust WebSocket APIs, an intuitive dashboard, get funds and money gaining opportunity , high security protocol and low fees.

Airdrop program

Get 20 IBX from our Airdrop that signs up through the link www.ibxnetwork.net


IBX purchases are NOT available to residents or citizens of the US, China, Cuba, Iran, or North Korea. The prohibited countries list may be subject to change at any time.

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