PEERCLICK : HTTPS: everything affiliates need to know and how can it improve the profitability of your campaigns

Dzmitry Sharapau
Apr 12, 2019 · 5 min read

How can affiliates improve the profitability of their campaigns? If woken up and asked in the middle of the night, most of you’ll definitely refer to a good offer, a catchy call-to-action, relevant targeting and something like that.

No doubt, it all matters — but that’s not all! Not many (or no one at all) will think of HTTPS. But how are you going to show your customer that you are willing to protect him and his data in our cyber world? If you can’t convince your visitors you are truly reliable, the overwhelming majority of them will never become your actual customers.

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Imagine yourself in the office. You want something taken care of. For that the office worker asked you to leave some of your personal data. It’s nothing, that’s not the first time you doing that, you know perfectly well what to do and how to do, just a few boxes to fill in…

And suddenly… Bang! Suspect, you’re beginning to suspect something’s wrong! You’re not safe!

How does it affect your behaviour? I’m betting my life you’ll run away from this office just forgetting about the whole thing. And then you’ll find the place, where you’ll feel safer. Exactly the same is your potential lead, who is visiting your landing page.

So, if you’ve been wondering what HTTPS means, how it affects you as an affiliate and website owner, and what you should do about it, read on!

How to understand protocols and their versions?


HTTP (which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol) — is the technical way of how exactly a browser connects to websites. The obvious problem here is that with a regular HTTP connection, the third party (or “spy”) can get their hands on confidential information such as your passwords and credit card information.

Undoubtedly no one wants hackers to know you are thinking about travelling this summer (so your house will be empty then) or you have some health problems (hey, your haemorrhoids are only your business) and so on.

The solution? HTTPS!

The HTTPS data transfer protocol ensures that all the information getting transferred between the browser and the server is encrypted, or garbled, and therefore secure. Yes, that “S” in HTTPS stands for Secure.

Thus checking if your connection to a website is secure or not is quite simple — like shooting fish in a barrel. All you need is to check out the protocol before the URL address: if you see HTTPS — you’re good to go, if there’s HTTP — think twice. By the way, you can also see an icon that indicates a secure connection — in Chrome and Safari, depending on the level of encryption, it’ll be a green or silver padlock icon.

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We’ve already established that HTTPS is a well-known protocol used globally by the World Wide Web. But what makes this protocol safe for data transit? This is the additional layer of encryption, which comes along with either SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) connections. To be honest, functionally, SSL and TLS are extremely similar and serve the same purpose — to encrypt the data in transit between servers. We can only add that TLS is the new and even more secure successor to the previous version of encrypted protocol.

How the protocol on your website can directly affect your business?

1. Let customers stay

Since June 2018 internet browsers automatically alarm visitor once he is about to land on potential threatening virtual territory. Of course, your customers are more concerned for their own cyber safety than your offer. Thus after seeing this caution, they’ll obviously search for safer place. Great news for your competitors. As for you, a higher bounce rate automatically means lower chances of converting.

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2. Let customers see you

Google Transparency and Safety Report claims in just last few years, the percentage of encrypted sites across Google and its products on the net has grown from about 50% in 2015 up to 90% in 2019. At the same pace Internet users are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of data leaks and all the topics around cyber-security.

Moreover, HTTPS on a website is now a SEO ranking signal. Needless to say whose website will rank higher in search results and get more visitors — the one that is secured with HTTPS or the one that is not.

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3. Let yourself being protected

Not only customers are protected from identity fraud and compliance of transactions with HTTPS, but you as an online retailer as well! With HTTPS, your site is less likely to be the target of hacker’s attacks — packets of data from your website can no longer be intercepted or decoded. That means hacker hasn’t got even a chance to harm you.

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This altogether then means saving a lot of potential trouble for you and your customers and bringing you a greater return on investment.

What should you actually do?

First of all, keep in mind the following:

Your visitors want to feel safe and sound. Thus your mission is to secure users — they should know for sure that nothing gonna fall into the wrong hands, either personal contact info or credit card information and private login details. It’s a foregone conclusion: an encrypted protocol is a must have for you. Attentive and careful attitude towards all the clients will come back to you tenfold — if visitors feel safe on your website they’re more likely to stay and become your customers, converting on your offers.

Yeah, yeah, PeerClick to the rescue, just like always! With the most advanced tracking software in the world you’ll not only get SSL protocol, but can also decide how many SSL protocols you would like to have and in accordance with this to choose your billing plan.

So get safe and don’t miss the chance to gain the trust of your website’s visitors and improve the profitability of your campaigns with PeerClick!

P.S. Do you need the best performance tracking tool? Choose PeerClick!

All you need to do is register with PeerClick by visiting . Use the promo code MARGO and get a free period of usage for 30 days!

So act quickly and check out this powerful tool!

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