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The disruptive tendencies of blockchain technology caused the network to leverage the best technologies to change the traditional way of going about things.

Earlier targeted at the financial industry, blockchain technology has since become a rampant disruptive network that is used in many industries. The input is there in the supply chain industry, as well as the Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) industries.

It is now the time of the medical industry where the Medalte blockchain is taking the initiative.

What Is Medalte?

Medalte is a blockchain-based platform that is using the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to reinvent the medical industry.

As you may have known, the traditional medical industry is fraught with some problems, which are triggered by the decentralized status. It is hoped that the input of blockchain technology will usher in decentralization and enable the maximum transparency of the medical industry. …



The Meldate token

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