Education. Learning. Future. You sure mate?

FAIL! I’d give schools a good ‘F’ when it comes to being taught the necessities to have a successful life and career. Firstly, you must remember instead of learn! This is basically what the education system is saying these days to be able to gain a so called ‘pass’. Secondly, you aren’t taught a single skill that could be associated with a real-life job. Seriously, who uses Pythagoras Theorem day in day out for their job? Finally, how could you possibly know where to go or what do to after Year11 if you’re not taught about the best possible routes for you to take! The fact that you haven’t been taught a skill that would make you think; “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going into a job that uses this, this and that!”.

My name is Ollie and I work at yourfeed, I’m 16 and have just left school. I attended Hurstmere Secondary School, which is a good school in my opinion, but they just didn’t give me a clue about what I should do once I’d left. I like to believe you go into education to learn new skills and develop the ones you already have, but that’s not the case! Teenagers spend five years at school to pass a black and white exam paper! Madness! What if you have the IQ of Elon Musk but you’re just terrible at exams? Where does that put you?

I wasn’t taught any skills that I could associate with a future job role, that’s the reason I, and so many others, are leaving school thinking, “What do I do now then?”. How can you know if Sixth Form, College or an Apprenticeship is the best thing for you if you don’t know the industry you fit into yet? Luckily enough, I gained 7 GCSE’s but that doesn’t mean I know any skills, have any ambitions or have a special knack for something; it just means I remembered what I was taught in class and wrote it down on an exam paper. Simple. Some people are strangely proud that a grade represents the five-year grind at secondary school. Come on, it’s not like you even remember a thing about your two-year GCSE course as soon as you leave the exam hall anyway. I’m not satisfied with a grade representing my hard work, efforts and hours upon hours of revision. I have skills beyond secondary school education that I cannot express because my skills aren’t school subjects, unsurprisingly!

The guidance and teaching towards life after Year11 were non-existent at Hurstmere and from what I’ve heard, in many other schools too. The everyday skills needed in later life such as; how to handle a mortgage, tax and being a homeowner were never even spoken about in secondary school which is all down to the government! Sadly, education is no longer about learning, it’s about passing. Schools need to start rethinking their curriculum’s and embed things called, ‘Life Lessons’ which should teach you all about the real world and the steps you should take once you’ve left school! We at yourfeed can’t rely on the government to restore the learning of proper skills into the education system. We have taken things into our own hands by giving you the chance to up-skill yourself through opportunities of networking, growth and career progression.