Today is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival!Many traditional customs and activities are held on the specified day in China ,Dragon boat racing and eating Dumpling are the central customs of the festival, Mars wallet is here to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, you will be offered 2 high-quality digital asset management products!

Event period for Dragon Boat Festival products:

In this issue, Mars Wallet launched two mainstream digital currency wealth management products, BTC and ETH. The annualized rate of return of BTC is 12% for 15 days lockup period; the annualized rate of return of ETH is 15% for 15 days lockup period. In addition to the fixed…

On June 3, 2019, Mars wallet and content trading platform, Cryptool, which focused on securing the safe storage and circulation of various types of digital assets, reached a strategic cooperation in protecting the security of user assets.

Mars wallet mars Wallet

Mars Wallet is a professional digital asset wallet and an important node in the ecosystem under the Mars Blockchain Group. Support a variety of digital assets such as BTC, ETH, EOS. Adhering to the concept of safety first and customer first, Mars Wallet provide users with a safe and intimate one-stop digital asset service, storage, transaction, wealth management, security professional, efficient and convenient.

Li Xiaolai, former Chinese crypto investor

For Li Xiaolai, I believe that everyone is no stranger, and recently he is back! If you are concerned, you will find this controversial figure, some people regard him as a life mentor, and some people regard him as a swindler. In today’s era of information, it is difficult to judge a person impartially and objectively.

Regarding Li Xiaolai, I spent a lot of time researching this person. From the beginning, he taught us a lot of things, The first pot of gold that Li Xiaolai earned was a few test books he wrote during his teaching in New Oriental…

Today is 20th May. For the Chinese, today is similar to Valentine’s day. Why is May 20th a day for love? 520 wu er ling is a code for “I love you” which therefore translates to a very romantic day!

Today, Mars wallet brings you an exclusive romance and created a customized asset management of 5201314 products (and 1314 represents 一生一世 yīshēng yīshì for a lifetime).

What is 1314 asset management?

1314 asset Management is a high-end income digital wealth management product created by Mars Wallet for the 520 White Festival. It will be officially launched today on the 20th May.

Event Period:

Since the announcement of the theft of the digital assets from Binance Exchange, it has ushered in the support of the eight parties. The domestic and foreign currency circles, network experts, and encryption agencies have expressed concern. On one hand, I have seen you as the world’s largest encryption exchange. On the other hand, we also understand that this wave of stolen incidents is not only the currency security, but also the cryptocurrency industry in the whole development. …

Single-Chain Wallet

The single-chain wallet is designed and developed for a public-chain platform. It is professional and targeted and has great potential for platform service. A public-chain often contains members of many different roles, such as developers, traders, miners, DAPP users, etc. Their activities are mainly around this public chain, and the digital assets of the public-chain are generally used. Therefore, single-chain wallet can be used as an entrance to the public chain to meet the needs of different members of the chain in the operation of the public-chain, providing them with the convenience of storing and circulating public-chain digital assets.

Recently, BTC start showing bullish movement in market. The major digital currencies have risen to varying degrees. Although they have fluctuated slightly in a short period of time, the trend of returning to the currency seems to be unstoppable. Some people predict that when BTC breaks through the 7,000-dollar mark. From this point of view, at this stage we are approaching the bull market, the so-called comers can be expected, the bull market may be coming.

As a newbie user who is not deeply involved in the crypto world, what should we do in a new round of bull market…

As one of the infrastructures in the blockchain field, digital wallets are almost a must-have tool for every cryptocurrency user. It is not only facilitates the storage of digital currency, but also enables users to achieve self-management of digital assets. With increasingly sophisticated functions and increasingly user-friendly design, the threshold for the use of digital wallets will be reduced. Digital wallets have made an indispensable contribution to the history of human civilization, and today we are fortunate to announce a list of recent digital wallet model nominations.

Digital Money Wallet — Nomination 1

Cobo wallet

The first wallet is a…

We all wish money will simply fall from the sky and make us rich in a day, but the world out there often speaks a different truth…or does it? With the Mars Wallet Giveaway activity, that dream has just been turned into reality. In three simple steps, users can complete the registration process and be eligible for the Telegram rewards with $150,000 USD worth of ETH for grabs.

Brace yourself for the wave of incoming riches because this is just the beginning.

To participate in the upcoming Giveaway activity by Mars Wallet, all users have to do is to follow…

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market is gradually picking up. There has been more partnerships and developments made in the crypto space. Although the volatility makes us unable to determine exactly how far the next bull market is, the overall good situation is obvious to all. However, this industry is still nascent and maturing. While the market is stable now, no one really knows how stable the market will continue to be.

Choosing the right digital asset management, in the bull market, the crypto price generally rises, and asset management brings you substantial benefits; in the bear market, the price of the…

Mars Wallet

Mars Wallet is a professional digital asset wallet and an important node in Mars blockchain group’s ecosystem. We strive to create high-security and easy-to-use

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