Binance Blockchain Week — Our First International Summit

Today marks the end of Binance’s inaugural Blockchain Week. Hosted in Singapore, the affair spanned over the past four days and consisted two events: a two-day Binance SAFU Hackathon and a Binance Conference. With 2000 attendees, 200 top investors, 100 developers and 50 speakers in place, the event oversaw many riveting conservations surrounding blockchain technology, and proposed multiple innovations to resolve current issues plaguing the industry.

Notable mentions include a keynote by ChangPeng Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance who spoke about value creations and its function as primary goals for blockchain security, as well as one of the many panels helmed by key opinion leaders Justin Sun, CEO of TRON and Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer of Binance who discussed prospectively the emerging crypto markets of 2019.

In addition to the exciting lineup above, blockchain companies such as Mars Blockchain, were also given the opportunity to display their most outstanding innovations as one of the fifty booths located on the expo floor right outside The Binance Conference.

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The major highlight of the week, however, was a Gala Dinner held the night before to celebrate the conclusion of the Binance Blockchain Week. As one of the proud sponsors of the Gala Dinner, Co- Founder of Mars Blockchain Group, Sofia was invited to give a speech to commemorate the occasion.

More importantly, Binance Blockchain Week is the first time Mars Blockchain Group has presented itself to an international audience. An enterprise determined to be the global leader in blockchain technology, it has swiftly climbed the ranks and delivered top-notch products that rapidly gained popularity among the masses. 1SG, for instance, is a cryptocurrency it created to leverage on the economic success of Singapore. Pegging one 1SG token to one Singapore dollar, the cryptocurrency is renowned for its promise to be the first truly spendable stablecoin in the world. The stablecoin appears to be well worth its weight for it has already been listed on five major cryptocurrency exchanges including Kryptono Exchange and Bitmart since its initial launch on 1 January 2019. Other products listed include its exclusive e-wallet, Mars Wallet and its in house media production, Mars Media.

Binance Blockchain Week marks the first of many international summits that Mars Blockchain Group will be a part of. With its strong determination and high adaptability, success is most assuredly guaranteed in its future endeavours.

About Mars Blockchain Group:
Mars Blockchain Group is an enterprise determined to be the global leader in blockchain technology. The group focuses on the innovation and development of commercial applications, digital assets, mining and blockchain consultation services in the blockchain industry.

About 1SG:
1SG is a stable coin, issued by the Mars Blockchain Group which overcomes the problems of today’s cryptocurrencies, while providing open, transparent, efficient KYC/AML process. With the key features of stable value and high liquidity, Mars Blockchain is a start-up committed to becoming a leading stable coin in global cryptocurrency market. 1SG circumvents the volatility of other major cryptocurrencies by maintaining a fixed peg to $1 SGD through financial markets.

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Mars Wallet is a professional digital asset wallet and an important node in Mars blockchain group’s ecosystem. We strive to create high-security and easy-to-use

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