In addition to that, Bits has an effect of reducing inflation to 50% every year, the more the years go by ... the lower the effect of inflation in the market will be and the weaker the sales become ... that way it is easier for Bits to keep going up in the long run

Bit pool farming is double rewarded.
1. Bits ... will never be blocked
2. Token TEN .. blocked for the first month only ..

Users can use the reward in the TEN token to buy more Bits and make compound interest, if the whole community does that and uses the TEN to buy more Bits, then the price of Bits will keep rising and the whole community wins each other. ...

The mining or farming pools will only be on the TENET platform and will have a duration of 10 years each pool.



👇Coming out in futures updates👇

Reward Token(RT) 1B Max Supply


Website 👇

Buy Bits here👇

Farming pools👇





Auto Liquidity Protocol on #BSC

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Bits Finance

Bits Finance

Auto Liquidity Protocol on #BSC

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