PRINCE2 in practice - Running a PRINCE2 project

This is an example of how to run a simple PRINCE2 project and it therefore a great way to learn how PRINCE2 works and learn about PRINCE2. There are four videos in this section and I will introduce each video.

Video 1: How to project starts (Stating up a project process)

This video shows the following

  • How a project starts (project mandate)
  • How Executive is selected at the rest of the project board
  • When the PM is selected and their role in the SU process
  • Gathering lessons from other projects and other people
  • Gathering first requirements into the Project Product Description
  • Creating the outline business case and adding all this data into the project brief as this will be used by the project board.

Video 2: Planning the project

This video covers the following:

  • Creation of the documents that guide risk, communication, quality and changes during the project
  • Detailed requirements gathering starting with a product breakdown structure and then writing a product description for most products.
  • Creating a project plan for the whole project
  • Updating the business case and checking the value of the project
  • Defining how the project will be monitored including the benefits

Video 3: Planning a delivery stage

This video covers the following

  • How to plan the next stage and assign work to be done
  • How to visualise progress using labels and make it easy to report on project progress.
  • Example of risk management
  • Working with tracking hours during the project and the chrome extension
  • Stage boundary process : reporting on the stage
  • And planning the next stage

Video 4: Controlling the stage

This video covers the following

  • How the PM hands out work
  • Dealing with Risks and Issues
  • Quality control
  • Accept reports
  • Reporting to the project board
  • Features of the online PM environment
  • Closing a project


This is a great introduction to PRINCE2 as it shows how a PRINCE2 project works. We suggest to follow this training for the following reasons

  • If you wish to use PRINCE2 to run a project
  • If you wish to prepare for a PRINCE2 Foundation course
  • If you wish to prepare for a PRINCE2 Practitioner course
  • Or you wish to know about project management

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