Islamic Fashion is Making a Statement in the Fashion Industry

Like I always say, fashion should be something anyone and everyone enjoys regardless of where you are from or what your religious beliefs are. And it may be for this reason that Islamic Fashion is getting a lot of attention in the recent years. There are many new designers who are recognizing the opportunity that lies in starting a fashion brand focused on the hijab and abaya while embracing different styles, colors, and designs.

Islamic Fashion is getting so much attention because new designers are finding ways to innovate styles while recognizing the cultural aspect. When someone thinks about Islamic Fashion an image of a woman wearing a black hijab or abaya appears. Most Muslim women desire to dress modestly, but they want to be fashionable as well. I think it’s fair to say that no women should be subjected to wearing black all of the time. All women should also feel sexy and sensual when they wear clothes. And now emerging designers are beginning to see how Islamic Fashion can be beautiful and even sexy while still covering the head and body thus, respecting the culture.

There’s no better way to understand the potential of starting an Islamic Fashion brand than through an emerging designer that’s already getting a lot of attention. A New York fashion designer Nzinga Knight is creating designs that are modest and striking. Knight’s fashion line is clearly showing how cleavage and short skirts are not the only things that define modern fashion and most importantly beauty. Her flavorful designs consist of different beautiful colors as well as materials. Her choice to dress and design modest clothing is not solely due to her faith. Knight appreciates the value of coverage and believes it upraises all women- regardless of culture or faith. Her first collection was very high-end and sold in stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Knight is working on creating another more affordable collection that will become accessible all over the Islamic world. While she is very proud of her collection, Knight is excited to create a line in the near future that will less costly and thus, available to all women who share her appreciation for Islamic Fashion.

The reason I love fashion is because it’s a way for people to define themselves and even feel more confident. I also love how there are many different styles based on cultures and/or religions. It makes me excited that Islamic Fashion is re-creating while at the same time upholding core values. Women are starting to enjoy fashion and can now express themselves through their clothes.

There’s a great opportunity for anyone who appreciates modesty to start a fashion line. There’s a lot of room to grow a business while at the same time creating a new definition of Islamic Fashion. And just like any other startup brand you are able to enjoy Wrapsew tools to starting your dream Islamic Fashion line. WithWrapsew, you can produce and market an entire fashion line or just have one simple design created using our platform. Wrapsew offers a lightning fast, super easy fashion sourcing solution to GET IT DONE! Join Wrapsew and create the next thing in the Islamic Fashion world.

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