Wallet Balances Update

Its 2019 and at Stellarport we’re starting the year off with an exciting update. Wallet balances are revamped so that you can more easily understand what you have in your wallet.

New Wallet Balances Screen

Aside from user interface changes, we also added more information. Starting today, you can see the value of each of your balances, as well as your overall wallet value - in any asset on the Stellar network.

If you visit your balances page, you should now see a new “Value” column, as well as a “Wallet Value” panel at the top displaying the total wallet value. By default, the values will be displayed in XLM.

To view the values in another currency, just click “change” in the “Wallet Value” panel and select your favorite Stellar asset. After selecting an asset, you should see all your balances, as well as the overall wallet value, displayed in the asset of your choice (e.g. USD).

We’ve got many more updates coming your way, stay tuned!