Blockchain network security: Kreds currency seeks solution with Komodo platform’s dPoW.

Kreds cryptocurrency users,

Our team has looked into potential solutions to help secure and protect Kreds blockchain from 51% attacks. Right now the current global hashrate puts Kreds at risk from bad actors, especially in the event of a large market valuation increase. As the caretakers of this digital currency, the onus to increase it’s security in every way possible is our responsibility.

We will be working closely with the Komodo project team in order to make Kreds network security stronger for future proofing. If the Komodo team’s research and live testing on GameCredits network succeeds, we requested to be first in line to give Kreds this secure network functionality.

The method we would implement to secure Kreds for all users now and in the future, is referred to as, delayed proof of work or “dPoW”. For those who want technical specifics please refer to the dPoW whitepaper. Whitepaper:

This will be Kreds second positive interaction with Komodo platform and team, as Kreds atomic swap capabilities tested successfully on their BarterDex as well!

Kreds/Komodo Atomic Swap cross chain.

Our team will absorb this cost because we believe it is a great solution for the security in Kreds future, and as stewards of this currency, we must do our due diligence in maintaining the safety of the network. This week, we have reached out to the Komodo team to pursue their dPoW technology and will keep users updated on progress of integration success.

Kreds future in utility depends on adoption, and security plays a large role in ensuring success. Thank you for joining us in our journey for adoption with Kreds. If anyone has questions please ask or comment on any of our social channels or this medium blog.

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