Stop thinking up greetings and wishes for the Holidays, ask for help from AI.

Holiday season. What a great time to spend with friends and family, share love and send greeting messages.

Greet John, he has a family and 2 best friends, plus 6 work colleagues and 5 old acquaintances, so 15 people. 15 people to send Christmas and New Year’s greetings and wishes, say something special to everyone. John must not forget everyone. Like last New Year, when John forgot about Dick, he couldn’t understand what happened between them until March and why Dick did not congratulate his daughter in February. Forgotten friend became a problem.

To avoid this situation, John decided to prepare earlier and began to invent ways to avoid the problems of the holiday. He tried a notebook, but to list all the people in it is not to prepare congratulations. A good chance that John looked through the App Store and got something. An application that can help you on Christmas and New Year, give you insight and organize everyone. Why not try thought John. And he found what he needed.

Two applications — different approaches:

Xmas Greeting Bot
Xmas Greeting Bot 2
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms
  • AI and Human mode greetings and wishes
  • Choose what you need
  • Add names to title
  • Send when necessary

Get the application you need:

click “Get” button | check greeting
  • click “Get” button
  • check greeting
change settings | share when times comes
  • save, if necessary, regenerate, if not (you can also change the settings)
  • send when the time comes


A few words to add, Christmas and New Year are not for profit — everything will be free (all purchases and applications), did not have time to get them? Do not worry, plus/minus the day before and after these holidays, we also make excellent sales (up to 70%).


Currently only in the App Store.