How StrongU is killing crypto mining for everyone with the StrongU U6 release.

4 min readOct 25, 2019


As a retailer you do often face difficulties when it comes to release dates and delivery schedules. Lets say, it can happen. What we are experiencing these weeks with StrongU, is a new level of scam at the cost of all mining equipment resellers all over the globe.$

To give more base to our transparency policy, we would like to share this adventurous story, fighting to get hardware that we paid for, that our customers paid for and that should be mining into customers pockets as we speak.

StrongU U6:
What is happening here is a complete rip off, planned, executed and with absolutely no intention ever to deliver what was promised.

The story starts in the beginning of this year, starting with an email of StrongU “representatives” asking us and (obviously) other shops to become official resellers. I, as the CEO, was sceptical. I told StrongU, that I was not sure about delivery times and that I would want to know the conditions first, before adding them to our website. Could be that I asked the right questions, cause I did not hear anything anymore for a couple of days. Communication usually goes through WeChat, so I asked the so called StrongU Employees, what was the answer and how we could work together. The miner looked promising to be honest and as a retailer, being an official distributor, that could have been a great thing I thought to myself since other factories avoid being connected officially to resellers. After not hearing for a couple of days, I got a message. The message said, summarized, that MinerBros was selected to be the official distributor and that all orders would have to go through them. I couldn’t believe it, how was this any good? MinerBros already had problems delivering, reviews weren’t that good as ours, but fine, I had to accept that MinerBros was now officially the distributor for the StrongU U6. I talked to my partner in place and said to him that I do not trust MinerBros, so if we ever would offer that miner, we would have to find another way to buy it. Just to point it out, is a purely Swiss company, and we offer a service that can’t be compared to the one of our competition. Not amazingly different, just more precise and secure handling of funds and equipment.

After fighting with MinerBros and StrongU about the fact that I know, if I wanted to offer the StrongU U6 in my shop, had to buy from a seller I did not trust, I made the fatal decision that we sell their miner nevertheless buying through other, in my perspective more secure channels.

The StrongU U6 was supposed to be released in July. At the end of July we started to get emails and requests about the delivery, and it hasnt stopped since then. In the last 3 month, there was not even one email from the official distributor nor StrongU till some days ago, which I have to say, Is a delusion and a really really f***** up thing. I am still shocked and have no words, that after 3 month of delay, the result is, that the miner has 440Gh and almost double the consumption and that they are offering to send more miners to compensate. I realized, we all got f******! Scams can have many faces, this, without any doubt, was a smart, well played scam, playing with people's expectations to buy an amazing performing miner, that even in bad times (BTC at 4–5k at that moment) would bring profits.

We all got played. Indeed, we all got scammed big time. We are at the moment pushing and pressuring the factories to cancel and refund all our orders which they say is not possible cause all the money got into the production. Any other moment, I would have understood. With StrongU, no, I am sorry guys, I can’t believe you at all.

The outcome of this story is still not defined. But as of today I can say that it will be a hard hit to our company, our base, our excellent group of workers and partners that really at all time did their best to get things done in the interest of the customer.

The biggest damage, probably, was done to the market, not even to us. Seeing it in a bigger picture, retail customers, beginners in mining, they won’t order a product anymore after this happened and of course, their first touch with mining was with us. So Prominerz, by force, will be the front face of one of the biggest scams in crypto mining history till today.




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