TerraGreen does know well about what their users need and wants are. Our platform is designed well to benefit them in several ways. Most of our users are consumers, energy producers, and investors. How TerraGreen helps each one of them differently as mentioned in below points.

Energy Producers:

TerraGreen helps energy producers to attract capital directly from end users and investors.
TerraGreen will play a key role in the terms of facilitation of investments into the renewable energy and trade of energy.


The TerraGreen the platform makes the trade between the energy producers and consumers the most and attract the attention of most of the investors to invest in the projects with the help of TerraGreen coin.

Problem Solved by TerraGreen Platform:-

TerraGreen has been set up to solve major problems of the environment and not only that but to benefit its users with the help of it. It has solved many problems that current cryptocurrency industry is facing. Few common problems like.

Use of renewable energy source

Yes, TerraGreen was set up to make relevant changes that will be beneficial to our future. With the blockchain technology, we built a renewable energy trading platform. Which will further fund the major renewable sourcing projects in the future that will make the earth a better place to live.

✔ Cryptos:

As per the present scenario in the renewable energy sector, there is a gap between consumers, utilities and renewable energy producers due to lack of technology.


TerraGreen with the help of blockchain technology fills the gap between the consumers, utilities and renewable energy producers and connects them to each other for the success of the projects.

✔Security Tokens:

STO’s (Security Token Offerings) are administrative compliant token offerings which allow investors ownership rights over the company’s tangible assets, that means investors are protected law.

Understanding this whole concept TerraGreen offers security tokens to their users on their platform. TerraGreen’s STO platform provides investors and users a safe way to help and support new renewable energy projects.

TerraGreen with all its efforts in introducing world with a New Economy which is Energy Backed. The energy will be tokenized and will be saved in the form of Energy Token. In this way, TerraGreen will be responsible for the generation and security of renewable energy with the help of renewable energy producers. The token backed by real energy will be security.

How is it possible?

Let’s study in short yet detail about this process, how it works and what exactly it is?

Every energy token symbolizes 1 kWh of energy to be produced in a specific time frame in…

There is a lack of transparency in the current renewable energy sectors. The consumers are unaware of through which source they are getting their energy and how it is being processed.

There is a disconnection between the consumers, energy producers, investors and utilities which cause big trouble in the development of renewable energy projects.

Renewable energy projects lack behind in raising the required capital for the further development of their project. Due to lack of funding, there is a scarcity of raw material too.

There is a need for advanced technology in the renewable energy sectors for the advancement in future projects but no serious step has been taken yet.

The partner organizations we are working with who are cultivation an active ecosystem.

We welcome any interested party in the energy field to join and grow with TerraGreen to fight against Climate Change.

TerraGreen Coin will have two constant and major sources of revenue from platforms first deployment. It will generate its revenue as follows.

It will gain 0.1% of its revenue from Token Creation,

0.1% from Token Exchange

20 USD/CER from the Carbon credit market

1% investment fees, investment only possible through TGN coin

Will generate interest rates for storing energy tokens from TerraGreen Bank.

The total supply of TerraGreen token (TGN) is set at 270 million.

We have constrained the initial circulating supply, which will, therefore, increase growth in demand. Only about 50% of the total cons will be unlocked at first after the ICO.

20% is reserved for rewards for the master nodes and the rest of the TGN is locked investing contracts, to be released in line with demand and performance.


TerraGreen is a blockchain based renewable energy platform that renovates the future of Renewable Energy. https://terragreen.io/

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