SeedsICO — Referral Campaign

Up to 70.000.000 tokens (SEEDS), the 14% of total amount, are allocated for Referral Campaign. Up to 50.000.000 tokens (SEEDS) of above amount are reserved for Partner Users (see below) and up to 20.000.000 tokens (SEEDS) of above amount are reserved for all other users.

Referral campaign is divided in Referral Users and Referred Users. Every user can be both a Referral and a Referred (with the exception of the first Referral Users, of course). 
We name “Partner User” a Referral User with at least 1500 Referred Users; Partner Users will receive additional bonuses.

Rules and terms:

  • Subscribe to the form, submitting your email (which will not be published in the spreadsheet), an ethereum address and an optional referral number (first Referral Users of course will not need to compile this line).
    (NOTE: We are allowing trees, so a Referral User can have limitless Referred Users, but a Referred User can submit a single referral number.)
  • Check the submitted email: we will send you your own referral number you can share to get the bonuses. 
    (NOTE: Your referral number can only be shared on social medias, along to a link to our page)
    (NOTE: the referral number email may take its time, if there are many requests)
  • Join our ICO and make a contribution to purchase the amount of SEEDS tokens you like. Then your Referral User will receive a bonus in SEEDS tokens (at the end of ICO).
    (NOTE: the bonus is given to the upper level only (i.e. if A is Referral to B and B is Referral to C, if C make a contribution for a certain amount of SEEDS tokens, then B only will receive the bonus; A can receive a bonus only if B make a contribution).
  • Check the spreadsheet on our page to verify the total amount of bonus SEEDS tokens you will receive at the end of ICO!
    (NOTE: spreadsheet may not be updated in real time)
  • Share with your friends and become a Referral User to gain bonus rewards from you Referred Users!

Bonuses notes:

  • Bonuses are rewarded to users only after the first contribution.
    (NOTE: so a Referral User can receive a single bonus per Referred User)
  • An extra bonus of 100 SEEDS tokens is given to the first 50 users who compile the form! 
    (Though, remember there is no limit to the number of users who can subscribe to referral campaign!)


  • Referral User receive a bonus in SEEDS tokens (at the end of ICO) which is a percentage of the amount of SEEDS tokens purchased by a Referred User
    (NOTE: the percentage obviously is not “stolen” from Referred, but it is a bonus amount we reward)
  • The percentage grows according to the number of Referred Users:
     1-19 : 1%
     20–99 : 2%
     100–299 : 3%
     300–999 : 4%
     1000–1500 : 5%
    (NOTE: Referred Users are actual ones only after their first contribution, registration only is not enough to count in the numbers above)
  • If the number of Referred Users surpasses 1500, than the corresponding Referral User is a Partner User and will receive the 10% instead.

- Context advertising mentioning any other brand is FORBIDDEN
- Auto-Referral is FORBIDDEN
- Any kind of spam is FORBIDDEN
Any attempts to cheat the system will result in immediate account ban and loss of earned funds.
We reserve to ourselves the right to ban users and not to assign rewards, following objectionable behaviours.

Useful Links:

Site - Join Referral!