VerseX: Character Sale Document — April 2023

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Executive summary

Season One Characters are being released as a limited edition by VerseX, which will include 240 rare characters and 40 legendary characters. Throughout this season’s exclusive release, all characters feature premium features that will never be seen again. Characters considered rare will be one-of-a-kind and never similar to other characters of the same type, while characters considered legendary will be distinguished by their unique colour schemes, textures and accessories. As a result, they will have additional utility that is exclusive to them. Season One characters will be highly sought-after and available for a limited time only. Collectors will have to be quick to grab them before it’s too late. Players will have the chance to collect and trade these characters, allowing them to customise and create their own unique gaming experience. The Season One Characters will be available for purchase on the OnXRP NFT Marketplace website.

Season One characters will be minted on the XRP Ledger blockchain to ensure security, ownership and interoperability. Upon entering the VerseX metaverse, your NFT will be recognised by our wallet connection system, which communicates with the XRPL blockchain and confirms ownership, enabling you to explore the vast VerseX universe. In addition, it will provide you with the ability to buy, sell and trade your NFTs on an open market. You will also be able to use your Season One characters to interact with other players and access exclusive content within the game.

Each NFT is handcrafted using software such as Blender, Zbrush, and Unreal Engine 5. The creation of each avatar/character requires over a week of modelling, followed by individual and careful processes such as masking, adding modifiers, unwrapping textures, separating parts, lighting, environment creation, rigging, and animating. Following this, they are added to Unreal Engine 5 to create blueprints for usable and actual working characters that can roam the VerseX metaverse, and others.

Season One characters provide a variety of benefits, including one-of-one VerseX Character Skins, meaning no two-colour combinations of a character can be the same, early access to VerseX testing, a limited supply, blockchain ownership and early Faction membership. In addition, Legendary Characters offer access to the VIP Mastermind group as well as unique wearables and accessories. In addition, owners of legendary characters will receive a 10% discount on future land sales and NFT releases.

VerseX plans to create a parallel gaming world where players can undertake a variety of tasks, missions, and faction activities in a realistic environment. In general, factions will be implemented in VerseX as groups of players who join together to achieve common goals. The VerseX gaming world will feature four distinct factions with unique character traits and skills: Skidrow, Metalords, Intelligentsia Order, and Primordials. Players can purchase characters that will be fully incorporated into the VerseX gaming world and will determine which faction they will be assigned to in the future.

We will release a whitelist for our loyal supporters, including users who own a tier card, possess over 10,000 $XVR (in-game metaverse currency) and have purchased loot crates in the past. Being featured on the whitelist will allow you to acquire a 3D character at a discounted rate and use it to roam around VerseX when it goes live at the beginning of 2024.

What is the VerseX metaverse?

VerseX is a futuristic, high-quality metaverse environment that aims to create a commercial space for socialisation, entertainment and business opportunities. We will incorporate advanced technologies such as Unreal Engine 5, blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. There will be a predominant audience of tech-savvy, crypto-experienced early adopters, however, the community is expected to grow as technology advances and younger generations become more familiar with the metaverse. As a member of the game, you will have the opportunity to own virtual land, properties, and assets, manage your own business, and generate revenue streams while enjoying an entertaining and gamified environment. Among VerseX’s main areas are the Information Hub, the VX Mall, Golden Sands Plaza, the VX Events Arena, the University, and the Gaming Centre. Ultimately, VerseX aims to create a vibrant community of users who actively engage in socialising, learning, shopping, earning and trading personal assets.

What are VerseX Characters?

VerseX characters are the 3D models that will be used in the VerseX metaverse world. They will be human-sized and possess human features and abilities, enabling them to interact with each other and the facilities in the metaverse world. They are intended to be used in other worlds that include basic humanoid characters. There are different types of VerseX characters, including basic generic avatar characters, customisable characters for the VerseX world, Non-Player Characters (“NPCs”), characters from other worlds or character creation services, and individual VerseX characters minted as NFTs. The characters can have character traits, utilities, and benefits in the virtual world, and they can be enhanced by completing activities and tasks in the virtual world. They are also tradable, allowing users to buy and sell their characters. The interoperability between virtual worlds will allow NFT characters from one world to be recognised and operate in other worlds.

The VerseX metaverse world is designed to be a realistic and immersive 3D representation of the real world, although one where you have more ways to enhance your experiences and do things that are just not possible In Real Life (IRL). As such, it makes sense for our characters to be humanoid and have basically human features and abilities. It would make little sense to have animal cartoons or giant fantasy warriors walking around our shopping mall or attending music events.

Therefore, the VerseX characters will be human-sized and function in a human way so that they can easily interact with each other and with all of the amazing facilities and operations we are building within the world, while keeping to the futuristic theme and according to the VerseX origin story.

It is likely that many other worlds will also include basic humanoid characters so this should increase the possibility of using VerseX characters in other worlds. As the VerseX gaming world is developed, a wider range of character types may become appropriate. The intention is that characters will be able to move freely between the VerseX gaming and “commercial metaverse” worlds. However, if certain characters move beyond the basic humanoid specifications, they may need to be restricted to the gaming world only.

It is possible to sell or trade them on secondary marketplaces to other users. Once you have purchased the NFT, you will be able to set the price to your preference, since it will be in your possession.

VerseX subsequent Season Characters

We have decided to release the gaming characters now as our Season 1 NFTs for our early community members, as many of them have been closely following the gaming ideas and are interested in the characters produced. Season 1 characters will be allowed entry into the VerseX metaverse, as well as into the gaming world when the time comes. It is intended that this will be a unique season, and that all future seasons of characters will be devoted to one world only.

We will release more NFT Characters in subsequent seasons as our community grows and the demand for them increases, however, none will ever have the development and business involvement of Season 1. If users arriving later want to obtain that level of involvement, they will need to buy one of the Season 1 NFTs in the secondary market.

As noted above, all future character seasons will be focussed on either our metaverse world or, later, our gaming world. The next few seasons of characters will be realistic human designs with outfits and accessories suitable for socialising, shopping and attending events and educational classes.

Season two will feature fashion characters for the metaverse only, ranging from Common to Legendary and will be priced higher than the current season. Approximately eight months after the release of the metaverse, Season Two will be released. The number of characters will match the demand and active users, a low character to player ratio will never lead to oversaturation of the market.

Development plans

During 2023 we plan to get to a fully working initial live implementation of the VerseX metaverse that will be usable for a small number of business participants in each of the main areas and also available for a limited number of users to enter, explore and undertake real commercial transactions.

At this early stage, the VerseX world will be a downloadable application that can be installed and run on PCs. There will be limitations on the number of people who can be given access and levels of concurrent activity. It is a working proof of concept rather than the finished product.

Read more about our development plans here:

Definition of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The minimum viable product (MVP) version of VerseX will include tutorials that cover the basics of entering and using the VerseX metaverse, including avatar mechanics, wallet setup, and purchasing $XVR tokens and NFTs. There will be a limited number of digital assets available for purchase in various categories, such as avatars, accessories, lands, and locations for shops.

The MVP will feature a working 3D world in the futuristic and photo realistic VerseX world with entry points, maps, movement systems and portals with users being able to enter the world using their avatar into the VerseX Information Hub, which is the starting point for exploring all areas of the world. The ability to move from one place to another can be accomplished through walking, using vehicles and boats, using transportation systems or by making use of the portals around the world in order to move quickly from one place to another.

Stay tuned for updates on the MVP release of VerseX! — Currently estimated early 2024.Please see our project plan here.

How many characters will there be?

Rare characters consist of eight distinct characters with distinctive costumes and thirty variations of colour per character, producing 240 different NFTs. The Legendary NFT consists of eight characters that each have five unique styles, accessories, colours, and visuals, making a total of 40 unique NFTs.

By introducing these different rarity types, we are creating scarcity and exclusivity, which will hopefully increase the demand of the NFTs in the future. This is an opportunity for investors to own a piece of a collection that is unique and exclusive.

Additionally, we have added offering additional premium benefits to the owners of the Rare and Legendary NFTs, such as exclusive access to events or merchandise and potentially even ownership rights to the intellectual property associated with the characters.

Our goal is to create a unique 3D, usable and valuable NFT collection that will stand out in the crowded NFT market. By owning a Season One NFT, you will be guaranteed a product that is designed to attract a broad audience and with the potential to bring in more attention in the future.

Characters are divided into factions, each of which includes a similar number of characters. The majority of factions consist of one male and one female member.

Skidrow consists of two characters, Dire Doe and Jessyca. Dire Do and Jessyca each have 35 styles, each with 30 colour variations and five Legendary variations. There are a total of 70 avatars in this faction.

The Metalords are composed of two characters, Lord Idri and Amelia. There are 35 Lord Idris and 35 Amelia’s, each with 30 colour variations and five Legendary variations. There are only 70 avatars in this faction.

Intelligentsia Order is composed of two characters VX001 and Blade. There are 35 VX001 and 35 Blade styles, each with 30 colour variations and five Legendary variations. There are a total of 70 avatars in this faction.

Primordials is composed of two characters Erebus (Male) and LynX (Female). Erebus and LynX each have 30 colour variations with five Legendary variations. There are a total of 70 avatars in this faction.

What will the NFT of the character look like and include?

Your 3D NFT character will be rendered as a stunning 2D image by the software engine. It is important to note that the background of your NFT is used to make your character appear attractive and desirable. When you purchase a character, you do not receive the “glowing rocks” and other background assets used to represent the character’s style. Only the character itself will be provided. As soon as you connect your wallet to VerseX, the 3D likeness of the character will be displayed and functional in our virtual world.

The Legendary characters will have premium and unique characteristics, traits, and benefits that set them apart from other characters in the same style. These characteristics include unique colours, accessories, and advantages. These exclusive features can be used to enhance your gaming experience, giving you an edge over your opponents. Legendary characters can also be used to unlock additional game-play benefits and rewards.

Why do my characters for a commercial world have weapons?

After the initial VerseX metaverse world has been created, we plan to create a parallel gaming world where those who are interested can undertake a variety of tasks, missions, and faction activities in a realistic environment. There will be some overlap between these two worlds, with some characters and assets allowed to operate in either and resources to be transferred between the two. The weapons will be restricted of use in the commercial world, but ready to use in the gaming world.

The weapons are valued at 100XRP each and will be minted as separate NFTs for those who purchase within the first month of the sale, as a special surprise.

What is the difference between the rare and Legendary characters?

The colour of the rare characters will be one-of-a-kind, which means that there will be no two characters of the same type with the same colour. Each character will have its own unique colour, according to your preference. Additionally, they have a lot of practical value added to them. It will be possible to trade them, use them to complete tasks for rewards, and even sell them if desired. There is no doubt that they will be highly desirable items among future collectors.

Legendary characters will be distinguished from the rest of their class by their unique colour combinations and are likely to include custom-made accessories. Their exclusivity and rarity will also make them more expensive than regular characters. Legendary characters will be the most powerful in the metaverse, providing players with the greatest level of uniqueness and in-game advantages. The owner will be able to trade them in the game and on the market, making them highly desirable.

Additionally, they will have a number of premium features that are unique to them, including the following:

Season One Character Benefits
Rare and Legendary Character Comparison…

What are factions and what do they mean for the character I choose?

In general, factions will be implemented in VerseX as groups of players who join together to achieve common goals. Among these goals are gathering resources such as metal, wood, rock, and fish, as well as preparing for combat. Players in a faction typically share resources and collaborate on building bases or fortifications. Choose wisely!

Those who join a faction later must demonstrate their worth by gathering resources and achieving certain statistics in VerseX and be accepted by the faction members. In spite of the fact that the gaming portion of the game will not be released until after the metaverse has been released, Season One Characters guarantee your place in a faction from the very beginning, without you having to prove your worth. A faction provides a sense of community and belonging to the game, it is often a great way for new players to become involved. Factional mechanics of faction operations may change over time. In contrast, joining a faction early on allows players to take advantage of the benefits and build their place in the metaverse before the gaming portion is even launched.

The VerseX gaming world features four distinct factions with unique character traits and skills. Players can purchase characters that will be fully incorporated into the VerseX gaming world, on its release. Your purchase will determine which faction you will be assigned to in the future. There are four major factions in the game:

Skidrow is recognised for its aggressiveness and strength

Skills: Strength, combat, intimidation

Skidrow is an aggressive faction known for its brute strength and ability to intimidate the competition. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty and act on their own. Skidrow doesn’t take orders from anyone and values strength above all else.

Metalords for their leadership and financial resources

Skills: Leadership, negotiation, financial resources

The Metalords are born into their role of leadership and are known for their ability to solve any problem with money. They prefer not to get their hands dirty and rely on their grunts to do the work. The Metalords value negotiation, which allows them to accomplish their goals efficiently.

Intelligentsia Order for their intelligence and strategic abilities

Skills: Hacking, research, planning

The Intelligentsia Order is a cybernetic faction known for their intelligence and ability to outthink the enemy. They are constantly adapting and learning new information within VerseX through hacking the

mainframe. They are always two steps ahead and often make deals with other factions for their own gain.

Primordials for their free-spirited nature and stealth abilities

Skills: Stealth, survival, resourcefulness

The Primordials are a free-spirited faction that doesn’t follow the rules or laws. They are often found sneaking around all three factions and are known for their stealth skills. While they may steal from time to time, it’s unclear whether they’re doing it for themselves or to help the less fortunate.

Factions may or may not play a role in the metaverse world of VerseX; however, factions will be fully incorporated into The VerseX gaming world when it is released. Although, characters will remain usable in both worlds.

VerseX Character utility

The below benefits are for Rare characters:

One-of-one VerseX Character Skin:

The colour combinations of your avatar will never be identical to those of others of the same type, which makes it very distinctive. Thus, your avatar will have a unique colour that will be unique to you and no one else will have.


Our goal is to ensure that your character is taken with you wherever you go, whenever possible. With our low-poly, high-quality avatars, we can support any metaverse that allows interoperability between the two worlds. Where possible and appropriate, we will work with other metaverse world developers to ensure that our characters are interoperable. There will be restrictions on this so that only basically humanoid characters will be able to operate in VerseX. Also, the external characters would only have basic utility and not have the sort of in-world functionality available specially to VerseX season characters.

Early Access to VerseX testing:

This ensures you get your foot in the door early and can help us shape the world of VerseX for latecomers. This experience will not only be fun, but it will also ensure VerseX is efficient and bug free. You will be eligible to enter the VerseX world with your character to participate in activities before anybody else.

Limited supply:

All Season One characters will never be reproduced and will never be created or released again. In the future, users may make you an offer to acquire your character based on your cosmetic appearance and utility.

Blockchain Ownership:

Owning your digital asset on the blockchain ensures your full ownership and protection, while also allowing you to connect your wallet with your asset present and use it in the VerseX environment. In order to maintain originality, the blockchain will record the date on which the asset was created.

Faction Member:

After the initial VerseX metaverse world has been created, we plan to create a parallel gaming world where those who are interested can undertake a variety of fun tasks, missions, and faction activities in a realistic and futuristic environment. You will ensure to be teamed-up within a faction without the need to apply.

The Above and below benefits apply for Legendary characters:

10% off Land sales and other future NFT releases:

VerseX virtual land will be released within the next few months. You will have the opportunity to purchase the land at a discounted rate from others as a generous discount of 10% is being offered to ensure you receive the land at a discounted rate. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to save 10% on VerseX virtual land before market prices potentially rise in the future.

Unique Wearables:

Your specialised accessories and traits distinguish you from other characters of your type. Legendary characters can be distinguished from the rest of the class by possessing unique characteristics that cannot be changed or enhanced. As well as setting you apart from the crowd, they will also give you a sense of individuality and identity. Unique characteristics of characters, such as accessories or wearables, have a direct impact on their rarity.

Access to the VIP Mastermind group:

As a member of the VIP Mastermind group, you’ll have access to a channel in Discord where you can connect with other community members that are dedicated and like-minded individuals who share your passion for the project and get valuable feedback on your ideas. You’ll be part of a group of individuals who are truly committed to helping shape the project by providing feedback to the development of VerseX.

That’s not all. VIP members will also have the opportunity to provide input on important business and development decisions before they go live to ensure there is a solid plan for whatever is released to the community. This means that you’ll be an important part of the decision-making process, helping to shape the future of VerseX.

In addition, when VerseX goes live, VIP members will be included in the VX boardroom to provide additional input on important decisions. You’ll have a seat at the table and the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with other community members and the VerseX team.

The benefits don’t stop there. VIP members will also have access to the VerseX ‘secret areas’ as they are released. These areas will be available exclusively to VIP members and will provide a unique and exciting way to engage with the project.

What is the pricing?

As shown above, the characters premium features and functionalities make them highly valuable in the VerseX world, making them an excellent value for those looking for top-tier performance in the metaverse and unparalleled utility. The cost of creating avatars reflects their quality and the amount of time and money that has been devoted to their creation.

Our first release will feature 240 Rare characters, priced at an affordable 475XRP each ($214.38 USD or £172.47 GBP).

We are also listing 40 Legendary characters at 950XRP each ($428.76 USD or £344.94 GBP).

If you participate in the whitelist sale on the 28th of April, you will receive a 10% discount on the Season One sale.

Mechanics of the sale

A whitelist sale will be conducted on onXRP marketplace by VerseX from 0:00AM BST on 28th April 2023 through 0:00AM BST on 29th April 2023.

The public sale on the OnXRP marketplace will begin on 29th April 2023 and will continue until all characters have been sold. The characters will continue to be added to other NFT marketplaces on a weekly basis.

As the characters cannot be reserved, they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. You must act quickly in order to ensure that you receive one of the 280 characters available.

The NFTs will already have been pre-minted for you. When you connect your wallet, you will be able to browse the marketplace for the NFT of your choice, and if available, manually select the character you would like to purchase.

A description of the benefits and utility, shown above, of the character will be included in the metadata and embedded into the NFT.

Who is eligible for the Whitelist?

To ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to acquire the very first VerseX characters in the Season One edition, we have taken a snapshot of all 10,000 XVR owners, tier card holders and loot crate purchasers.

· Any holder with more than 10,000 $XVR in your wallet.

· If you have purchased a tier card and is held in your wallet.

· You have purchased a loot crate previously and is held in your wallet.

If you fall under any of the above eligibility criteria, you will automatically be added to the whitelist. A snapshot was taken on 22/4/2022. The whitelist can be found here: Character Sale Whitelist

The minting page will be accessible only to whitelisted users once it goes live on Friday, 28 April.

Intelligentsia Order




VerseX is creating a complete a revolutionary metaverse integrated to the XRPL with fun, social, earning and learning capabilities.