LUMENUS: Powering Data Security By Blockchain Technology

LUMENUS is the first Indonesian Token built on Stellar Platform. Lumenus is a Token built on the Stellar platform and adopts Stellar technology and all components of the platform are “Stellar”. We are committed to build a platform that will utilize blockchain technology in real life with all aspects of life in order to form a sense of trust and get rid of all the usual frauds in the community.

We as humans have become dependent on luxuries such as cars, houses, and even our cell phones. But what does our love for manufactured metallic and plastic goods do to the environment? Human activity can be directly attributed to the cause of hundreds of extinctions in the last two centuries, versus the millions of years that extinctions naturally occur. As we progress through the 21st century, humans have changed the world in unprecedented ways. One way humans have manipulated our globe is data mismanagement. Using AI doesn’t even solve the problem. Workloads might end up creating as much problems than it should solve. These data silos can add up complexity that will drain your Data management department, increased cost of management, lower productivity, loss of time etc., are just few stress data mismanagements can cost you. These data silos can cause haphazard distribution of access to key data which is gross insecurity. Data is the lifeblood of state development. It is necessary to manage projects, avoid fraud, assess program performance, keep the books in balance, predict future occurrences and deliver services efficiently. But even as the trend toward greater reliance on data has accelerated over the past decades, data mismanagement has lead dangerously off the track. Sometimes it doesn’t exist at all. But worse than that, all too often it’s just wrong. There are examples everywhere. Last year, the California auditor’s office issued a report that looked at accounting records at the State Controller’s Office to see whether it was accurately recording sick leave and vacation credits. “We found circumstances where instead of eight hours, it was 80 and in one case, 800,” says Elaine Howle, the California state auditor. “And the system didn’t have controls to say that’s impossible.” The audit found 200,000 questionable hours of leave due to data entry errors, with a value of $6 million. Mistakes like that are morale crushing, and can cause unequal treatment of valued employees. Sometimes, however, decisions made with bad data can have deeper consequences.

In 2012, the secretary of environmental protection in Pennsylvania told Congress that there was no evidence the state’s water quality had been affected by fracking. “Tens of thousands of wells have been hydraulically fractured in Pennsylvania,” he said, “without any indication that groundwater quality has been impacted.” But by August 2014, the same department published a list of 248 incidents of damage to well water due to gas development. Why didn’t the department pick up on the water problems sooner? A key reason was that the data collected by its six regional offices had not been forwarded to the central office. At the same time, the regions differed greatly in how they collected, stored, transmitted and dealt with the information. An audit concluded that Pennsylvania’s complaint tracking system for water quality was ineffective and failed to provide “reliable information to effectively manage the program.” When data is mismanaged, consequences are fatal enough to render government enterprise useless. Evaluation of successful program is difficult; taxes go uncollected; services are rendered inconsequential. The list can go on and on and won’t get exhausted. Third-party problem is particularly significant in data mismanagement. Third party interference makes data lose its credibility. This leads to the question: Can data be ever properly managed?

Lumenus Projects:

  1. Lumenus health

Lumenus health is the platform that will be developed in the field of health in particular to better the relationship between health care and service users when relating to health problems. At this time, general patient data including electronic medical record (EMR) of patients are only stored for patients and not by the patients. In fact, patients should seek medical history (EMR) as based on the accordance of medicine. It’s no surprise to see hospitals give lame excuses for patients not owning health history (EMR). As a result, the patients cannot have a record about personal health. In a scenario where the patient is not getting adequate attention and good healthcare, the patient will not be able to switch hospital because of health record only owned only by the hospital where the patient gets examined. This will be a problem if the patient was in a state of emergency or is in an area (outside medical area zone) and wants to access healthcare. In such a region, he/she has no health record, healthcare becomes inaccessible.

2. Lumenus Profile

Lumenus profile is a platform where we will develop the field of profession in a social media-model, which will connect professionals and companies in need of their services. In the traditional world today, problems arise with giving out jobs which includes: ● Applicants submits a falsified Curriculum Vitae(résumé), which contains interesting but false job history and experience. (Huge loss to the company) ● Applicants becomes less-believed, even when honest. (Huge loss to applicants) ● Interference by third parties in employees’ selection. (Huge loss to both companies and applicants) To save both parties these unnecessary stress, there must be a platform that not only verify job history and experience, but also connect companies to their prospective employees. That is what Lumenus does. On this platform, both parties (the company and applicant) can verify the authencity of both the résumé submitted by the applicants and the company’s integrity using the amazing blockchain technology. Lumenus will serve the purpose of an online verification, career management and recruitment platform. Potential employers are saved the stress of verifying applicants credentials, Lumenus does that for you.

Lumenus is beneficial to both parties. It will help the job seeker maximize potentials beyond a point unexpected with minimized cost. Finding your dream job will be made swift and way easier than you could ever envisage. Which is why our platform being the right check for you to get verification. Potential employers are equally beneficiaries on this platform. Why? Just like a good scout is required to find the next superstar, so also is a verification, recruiting platform needed to help you find that staff that is the missing jigsaw in your company’s boost to the top. Recruitment processes in recent years has become no less boring and expensive which most times frustrate the companies. However, with our service, you have unlimited access to candidates which will in turn reduce the time to find talents required, significantly reducing hiring costs and increase productivity.

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