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To get a better understanding and clarity, this article is for dummies (naive/scratching head/I don’t know types!).

So what the hell is Cryptocurrency?

It's an internet medium to Exchange funds between individuals or corporations to conduct financial transactions. An individual becomes a bank and has control over its own money.

Post- COVID will be the beginning of an online transaction era, without the need to go to a bank or touching filthy & dirty cash (i owe you)paper money. As cryptocurrency is not “I owe you” it is “I own it”.

Why is cryptocurrency better than owning any other assets?

Can you take your stocks to another individual and buy groceries or dine in or book tickets and do online shopping!!! …

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Most of the crypto exchanges in India aren’t legally registered under the companies law of India, which by far is the only way an crypto exchange can justify a company to do business here in India “legally”. …

Take on the market with our powerful yet easy to use platform. The power of Blockchain. Taken further.

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