Six reasons why you should pay your monthly rent online

2 min readJun 17, 2019


Online Payment using Card ( (Source :Pixabay)

Most of us, at one point of the time or other, have been a witness to that awkward expression from our landlord, when we ask him to accept the monthly property rent online. While the usual answer is a ‘NO’ from the landlord, let me explain several reasons why you should not plainly take that answer.

  1. Paying the monthly rent online establishes an electronic trail for your transaction and can potentially support your claim for HRA exemption with your employer.
  2. If your landlord doesn’t stay beside your property, paying rent directly into the landlord’s bank account shall ensure that your local property broker or manager is not playing around with you.
  3. Setting up auto-debits and reminders to your account shall ensure that you pay rent on-time to your landlord and shall save you from that embarrassment when your landlord follows up for rent.
  4. It’s a good idea to pay rent deposit or advance online so that it acts as a proof of payment and saves you from any surprises while requesting a refund on leaving the rental premises
  5. The cash payment which you pay to the landlord usually remains an unaccounted income for him which constitutes a brick of the Indian black economy, which we all love to endlessly discuss about.
  6. Lastly, it saves you the pain to visit the nearest ATM situated few lanes away and withdraw chunks of cash for payment to landlord.

So, the next time you pay rent online, you are not only doing a service to yourself but also to the society and the nation!




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