Your Citibank Credit card can pay half your month’s Property Rent for free

Redeem your miles/reward points accrued on Citibank Credit cards against Amazon gift vouchers to pay Property Rent/Rent advance/Maintenance.

Yes. You have heard it right! Here’s the redemption process.

Credit card user (Courtesy: Pixabay)
  1. Visit the link-
  2. Please select the option ‘ REDEEM FROM REWARDS CATALOG’ and any one of the redemption category. You have the option to choose from various categories — Accessories Apparel, Departmental Stores, Health & Beauty, Hotels & Dining Travel.
Redeem Citi rewards and miles

3. Select your credit card type from the drop down , post which it shall show all the available redemption options. You can check for the most liquid and rewarding redemption category for your card (Indicative conversion ratio is 1 premier mile ~ Rs. 0.30 & 1 Citi reward point ~Rs. 0.25 ). You can check the conversion ratio further here for other cards:

Rewards Catalog — Citibank

4. We found the option of redeeming rewards for Amazon voucher/gift card to be most rewarding for that this gift card can fetch you Amazon pay balance that can be used equivalent to cash on various merchants.

Citi redemption -Amazon Gift vouchers

5. You have the option to redeem for multiple Amazon Gift cards for Rs.1000/- or Rs.500/- as per the reward/miles balance on your credit card. Post selection of the Gift cards, you need to enter your Credit card details to place the redemption order.

Citibank reward redemption order

You shall receive the redemption order details along with gift cards within 4–5 working days on your registered address.

6. You can add the gift cards to your Amazon pay balance account & simply use the same to pay Rent/Rent advance/Maintenance on Paymatrix (

Property Rent payment on Paymatrix
“Redemption of about 10,000 Citi Premier miles can get you a discount of Rs. 3000/- (using Amazon Pay balance) on your Property Rent payment on Paymatrix

Next time, when you are confused about redeeming your Citi rewards or miles on a never ending reward catalog, simply opt to redeem and pay it as your Property Rent.

No comparison ! No confusion!

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All the content in this blog post is provided for mere informative use , and do not construe as financial advice or planning. The content here doesn’t imply any kind of partnership or promotion with either Citibank or Amazon.

Author: Mukesh chandra , Paymatrix