How To Request And Sign Documents In Browser With Grabler

  1. Sign in and from the left menu click on Send Signable Contract.
Select document(s) that needs to be signed

2. Click on the blue button to the right to select a new document that needs to be signed.

a) To select an existing pdf, click on Click here to chose an existing
b) To upload a new pdf, click on Click or drag pdf here

You can select as many pdfs as you want. Simply click on the blue button and repeat the process.

Select singer(s)

3. Click on the blue button on the right and type the email address of your signer. You can add as many singers as you want. Simply click on the blue button again and repeat the process.

When done, click on Create.

4. Grabler has now created the signers “clients” and sent out email notifications to them. From the clients page you can view and manage you clients. Simply double click in a client to view the details.

Email sent to singers

5. Grabler will automatically send out email notification to your signers. Click on the link in the mail to automatically sign the requested files.

6. From here the signer can view, sign and upload a existing copy of all the requested files.
Upload signed copy, click here to upload a existing document
Sign document online, click here to sign the document in the browser

Sign document

7. The document will shop up in the browser window. The text on top of page will tell what pages need to be signed. To sign, simply hold down left mouse button and drag. If you are on a tabled or mobile device then use your finger instead, first hold down still for 2 seconds to activate drawing mode, then drag and release when you are done. 
To erase the signature and redo everything simply click on the Reset button.
When done click Save.

The pdf has now been saved, the requester will be notified and can view/download the signed file from the clients page.

This is how easy it is to request and sign files with Grabler.
The perfect solution to organize, collect, sign, follow up and close faster!