Demblock — Decentralized electronic marketplace on the blockchain.

Dem Block
Dem Block
Apr 16, 2019 · 1 min read

The DemBlock marketplace is an already fully functioning and working decentralized electronic marketplace with the possibility to offer notarized supplier data on the blockchain.
Suppliers have the possibility to list their products on the DemBlock marketplace and to conduct corporate and sourcing verification on the blockchain.

The DemBlock marketplace will focus on building a global network of buyers and sellers in order to facilitate the trade in raw materials, components and finished goods.

The name DemBlock is derived from the description of the marketplace we have built — the decentralized electronic marketplace on the blockchain.

DemBlock is a blockchain enhanced further development of a classic DMSP — a digital multi-sided marketplace, which is an IT-enabled commercial network of suppliers, intermediaries and customers that facilitates transactions between these different entities to create value.

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