Tea Review: Pu-Erh Blue Lemon

Today, we opened up our Tea Tracker and decided to try out the Pu-Erh Blue Lemon! Listed as a black tea, Pu-Erh Blue Lemon described by the vendor as “One of the most revered teas in China, puerh tea is a deep, mature brew with an earthy sweet taste”.

Pu-Erh Blue Lemon

However, within the Tea Tracker, you can classify Pu-Erh Blue Lemon as puerh tea. There is a difference between the two types teas. The puerh tea leaves are aged and fermented. While black tea leaves are fully oxidised. Because of these differences, the two types of leaves require different steep times to brew.

The Leaves!

Pu-Erh Blue Lemon is an earthy tea with plain tea leaves mixed with what looks like dried lemon blossoms and lavender. Perhaps because of the blossom mix, the tea leaves have a strong but pleasant scent. The leaves are not otherwise notable.

The Brew!

When we went to brew the Pu-Erh Blue Lemon, we used the built-in Tea Tracker timer for puerh tea first. The steep time for puerh is only 15 seconds. But even at that low steep time, the brew took on a rich earthy tone with a strong aroma.

However, knowing that the vendor classified the tea as a black tea. We subsequently brewed a second batch at the recommended black tea steep time of 3 minutes. At the higher steep time, the brew colour darkened further. The aroma intensified to pungent intensity. We do not recommend using the higher steep time unless you enjoy a strong aromatic brew.

The Drink!

The Pu-Erh Blue Lemon is a full bodied brew with a strong and crispy earthy taste. At higher steep times, the brew leaves behind a bitter aftertaste that is quite unpleasant with an off-putting scent. However, at 15 second steep time, the brew has a clean and pleasant aftertaste. Also, the lower steep time is not enough to bring out any particular aroma.

In short, Pu-Erh Blue Lemon is most definitely a tea with a steep time that is highly dependent on taste. We recommend experimenting with the steep time to find the brew strength that you like the best. For us here at Virgo 19, we prefer this tea at lower steep times. But it is also a tea that has caused us to put an expedited work order on the custom timer function for the Tea Tracker!

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