Ethereum Diamond
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Hello All Users

We have the honor to announce the new offer of our company Ethereum Diamond ETD


Nowadays: we found in our vast world the most common types of tokens that represents an asset or utility in digital form describes the process of translating the real world or financial asset into digital tokens.

What is the Ethereum Diamond?

The Ethereum diamond is a token open source, based on ERC20 protected by the block chain Ethereum, it is for commercial transaction.

What is the purpose of buying ETD?

- It is for to help the user in different ways :
1-To benefit of pre-sale price and price ICO.
2- Bonus 15 % in the ICO.
3- To benefit of the commission marketing system, which can the user benefit from the ETH + ETD
4- Earn some rewards (bounty).

Six ways for profit from ETD

1/- Bonus 15%.
2/- Affiliate system (ETH + ETD).
3/- ICO purchase stages.
4/- Team developer.
5/- Affiliate: rewards.
6/- Bounty program.

1/- Bonus 15%
You can buy and invest with us to profit directly without following steps, with a profit of up to 15% free.
2/- Affiliate system (ETH + ETD)
The (ETD) is the first token based on affiliate system paid in ETH , Easy to apply because it allows the user to profit from his link, also generational profit (can earn up to the third generation)
The first generation: 15% (ETH + ETD).
The second generation: 11% (ETH + ETD).
The third generation: 7% (ETH + ETD).
Note: All commission is paid every day at 00:00 +1 GMT

3/- ICO purchase stages
This step is divided into two stages, the user can benefit from the different prices as shown below
Pre ICO : 1 ETH = 3600 ETD + 15% (540 ETD)
ICO: 1 ETH = 2500 ETD + 15% (375 ETD)
 Note: we will sale all quantity in ICO.
4/- Team developer
In order to achieve the team developer,
1-The user must enter ten users from his personal link to teach them how to invite people.
2-Each user must enter ten users and repeat the same process until the third level
If the above conditions is met, 5 % will be added to his profits

We have organized this bonus for users who have completed the developer of the team so that if the user achieved profits equal to 50,000$ within a week, he will get 5% of the total amount.
Any user get profit 50k$ in one week he will get 2.5k $.

5/- Affiliate: rewards
These bonuses are for users whose earnings exceed 250K $ per week, as he receives a 5% rate to his profits

6/- Bounty program:

Please read this note: This offer is only available to users who have confirmed the KYC (Know Your Customer).
- Telegram join 25 ETD
- Twitter join + like + share 50 ETD
- What’s up join 25 ETD
- Discord join 25 ETD
- Medium like + share 50 ETD
- Bitcoin talk reply 100 ETD
- Make video in YouTube explain the ETD (500 to 5000 ETD)
- Reddit like + join 50 ETD

ETD Ethereum Diamond Information:

Contract address: 0x785892A1540FcDb74C0010f331Aa8b6C68fD90b1
Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 977 135 751 ETD
MAX Supply: 977 135 751 ETD
Circulating Supply: 927 135 751 ETD
PRE-ICO: 100 000 000 ETD
ICO: 827 135 751 ETD
Our Dev and Team: 50 000 000 ETD

Our Platform

ICO APPS Android

Risk Disclaimer

The high risk in (ETD) is not appropriate for all investors. Before deciding to invest with us, you should carefully consider your objectives investment for a high level of experience and take a risk to do it. The ETD would like to remind you that we are not the responsible for the high and low prices after it used in trade the price is controlled by supply and demand.
Therefore, the ETD does not accept any liability for any business losses.
It remains to be seen whether subsequent types can develop our work to help the user manage their business needs in the digital world

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Ethereum Diamond

The Ethereum diamond is a token open source, based on ERC20 protected by the block chain Ethereum, it is for commercial transaction.