— Decentralised Support Services Marketplace

Block Chain is already being considered as the largest disruption after internet and is changing the way connected ecosystems as well as applications are being built and operated today. De-centralisation, trust centric & secure are the key advantages offered by BlockChain beyond the existing models.

With the rapid progress in electronics & internet connectivity the penetration of connected devices has increased exponentially. While the device ecosystem has grown the same cannot be said for the Support Services ecosystem which still largely is a part of either the OEM offered warranty programs, a handful of large third party technical support services providers or the friendly neighbourhood technician. Considering the market size of over USD 100 Billion in connected devices support services by the year 2020 and expected to grow exponentially in years to come, we at SupportMarket intend to create the first decentralised marketplace for Support Products & Services Ecosystem with the following objectives:

a. To modernise & decentralise the provision of Technology Support Services globally, migrating from a centralised OEM based warranty support programs or largely un-organised third party vendors with large scale manual intervention to a blockchain based service evaluation & peer-to-peer infrastructure operated efficiently by both global as well as small scale or individual service providers.

b. To Simplify the access and use of professional technology support services for for all levels of users, across technology platforms and across geographies thereby turning the service into a commodity that can be trusted and utilised by the general public across barriers of technology, geographies and languages.

c. To provide tools that act as a seamless bridge between decentralised support services and traditional support ecosystems to make the transition smooth both for the vendors as well as consumers.

d. To Monetize the decentralised support services ecosystem with a dedicated currency governed by a smart contract, enabling automated and trusted reconciliation of payments & settlements between all consumers, service providers & application developers.

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The Ethereum based Cloud token is intended to create the first block in the vision of De-centralized Support Services Ecosystem by providing a standard currency to be used by the ecosystem of consumers as well as support services and product providers.

Support Coin a first of its kind vision for the industry will enable the dApp monetisation infrastructure for Support Services & Products ecosystem. Users, Partners & Companies can use the token on purchasing scarce resources within the network like to purchase products, software licenses, avail warranty services, create RFP’s, creating Escrow accounts, launch product betas etc & more. As the ecosystem dApps gain growing traction, this will lead to a growing demand for tokens and to participants receiving compensation as token holders.

With this we open up channels for further conversations for interested participants from the BlockChain community as investors, advisors, initial participants, partners and more. Just hit us up in the telegram group at and we will take the conversation forward.

Keep watching this space for more details on our team, experience, white paper, business model, advisors & more. Looking forward to making an impact to the BlockChain journey with the community.

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Team SupportMarket