888–846–6939-Steps to Transfer & Import Quicken Essentials from a PC to Mac | Fix Quicken Installation Errors

1. How to Import Quicken Essentials for Mac files?

Quicken Essentials for Mac offers a pleasant looking home page with pie charts for showing an appropriate financial figure to its customers. You don’t have to dig your accounting details in your manual reports when you can easily get the complete information on your computer system in a suitable manner. In addition, Quicken Essentials for Mac supports budget for tracking spending on miscellaneous activities routinely. If you are thinking to import your Quicken Essentials for Mac files Quicken, then you need to dial a customer support toll-free number. With the help of the phone number, you will get certified Quicken technicians for importing Quicken Essentials for Mac files with Quicken. You can also get help from a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

If you confront any technical trouble in above-mentioned steps, then you need to dial Quicken help service phone number for troubleshooting steps and solving errors or issues with Quicken. By dialing the phone number, you can conveniently troubleshoot Quicken-related tech concern on time.

To import Quicken Essentials for Mac files without any tech complexity, you need to contact Intelli Atlas tech support professionals. Quicken help service phone number is the right key to get an appropriate technical support of the company’s expert. Read more at http://quickensupporthelp.tumblr.com/post/148435483080/888-846-6939-how-to-import-quicken-essentials-for

2. Steps to transfer Quicken from a PC to Mac

Online payment of bill appeals to many customers primarily due to its feasible method of paying online bills. There are numerous techniques of paying your small business and personal bills via online. But, Quicken is a perfect financial accounting software choice which can be used for bill paying services. Aside from bill paying services, Quicken also keeps a proper track of your personal finance as well. If you have been using Quicken on your computer system for paying bills online and wish to use its services on Mac, then you need to contact a certified-Intuit Quicken technician. You can get official Quicken help for transferring Quicken to Mac by dialing Quicken customer phone support service number. You can also get a quick technical support from a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

Steps for preparing files:

· First of all, launch Quicken on your system and then hit ‘Tools’ and then ‘Account List.’

· Choose ‘Options’ and ‘View Hidden Accounts.’

· You need to click ‘Manage Accounts.’ And uncheck the ‘Hide in Quicken’ checkboxes.

· Simply restrict the file name for accounts that have more than 15 characters and then hit ‘Edit.’

· You can get technical phone support services on Quicken for data transfer if you face some Quicken technical difficulties in the above-mentioned steps.

Read more at https://intelliatlasquickensupport.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/steps-to-transfer-quicken-from-a-pc-to-mac/

3. Fix Quicken Installation Error 1618 by Certified Technicians

Quicken financial accounting software is compatible with thousands of financial institutions online. The personal accounting software offers three methods to interact with your bank, like Direct Connect, Web Connect, and Express Web Connect. You can easily utilize these services supported by the financial institution, once you download the software on your computer system. But it may happen that some technical issues may create a problem in using the software program. While installing Quicken on your system, if you get an installation error message 1618, then you need to dial phone support number for Quicken installation error 1618. By dialing the phone number, you can easily get the needed tech support from a third party tech support providing company, like Intelli Atlas.

Root causes of the installation error 1618:

· Unfinished installation or corrupt download of Quicken software.

· Virus online infection might have corrupted Windows system files or your Quicken-related program data.

· Another program on your computer system wrongly or maliciously deleted your Quicken-connected files.

· Corruption in Windows registry from a current Quicken-linked software modification.

Read more at http://quickenhelp.support/fixing-quicken-installation-error-1618/

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