How We Changed the Facebook Friends Icon
Caitlin Winner

You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this change, and as you noted, you couldn’t help but see symbolism about the man in front of the woman, with her shoulder obscured.

That said, your end result is a woman in front of a man, with his shoulder obscured. It’s true the heads are now the same size (they must be RIGHT on top of each other, for her head to not be bigger than this), but otherwise what you seem to have done is simply swapped genders so that the female is ‘dominant’. Indeed, the same thing was done with the group icon, where the female is out in front with the men behind her.

Is this “progress”? You say you are a woman, educated at a “women’s college”… what thoughts would you convey to a man coming of age in 2015 who is attending a “men’s college” (do those exist? are they allowed to exist?)? Should he see the symbolism in your new FB icons in similar fashion as you did the original ones, ie feeling that men are being slighted and in women’s shadows? If not, why?

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