WARNING! One more time tell me CONTENT is important. And I’ll Punch you.

<Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom — Lee Odden>

Dear Content, 
Thank you for being my friend. And <BIG> Thank you for being my main source of bread and butter (actually Butter naan and Chicken curry).

I love the fact that I can market you to a whole bunch of people on the internet and satisfy their online consumption pangs. It feels great when you go ‘viral’ (especially when I create you). But…lately you have been causing a lot of trouble. Well not you directly, but your creators around the globe. I feel they have been going for a content overkill. It is true that people online are hungry for new content, and that we should feed them with new and innovative pieces, but I am tired of explaining to other people that you Mr. Content are very important and that they should have you in their strategy in anything they do online. It’s a given.

Content Overkill

If 2015 was lucky for you, then wait and watch what happens in 2016. We are in for an amazing ride together. But can you declare your IMPORTANCE out and loud to the world so that we can move forward. Let us think newer moves for I can already predict that you’re going to be in big demand. Creators will unlock every possible puzzle to make you more charming. Needless to say, I am also preparing for my big move with you.

Can you please request your other creators to stop gloating on your relevance. You are the most ‘in’ thing at the moment and a lot of people are in love with you. So now, in 2016 can you ask people take the love to the next level? I think we should all get more concrete in terms of our actions, find new ways to spread you around and collectively reap the benefits you provide.

I love you Content. But the next time someone tries to tell me your importance, swear I’ll punch them.

With lots of love and respect,
Your Marketer.

P.S. - And Happy New Year 😀

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