2 Good UX Design examples from unlikely sources

We live in a age of mobile apps, responsive websites, and chat bots. Hell, we even have robots threatening to take over our jobs. But one thing we still have is bad UX.

Its so comforting to see good UX. Especially in places where you expect the least. Like a tfl notice and a banking website.

  1. A well designed TFL information board.
A TFL notice at a bus stop

This is a standard tfl advertisement at a bus stop. Its simple, precise and serves its purpose. The information is clearly sectioned and easy to read. This is a great example of delivering information. Notice the clever use of colors and icons to segregate information. Color scheme is consistent with other tfl notices you see on their website or on bus stops. Excellent indeed.

2. Lloyds banking website

Banking website, typically are the worst offenders of UX. Just login to HSBC bank and you would know what I am talking about. Lloyds have done well here, they have done a lot of redesign over the past few years and their website and app are a treat to use. Firstly, they are responsive, and provide a consistent look and feel and user experience. There are few things they can improve, obviously, but overall way ahead of competition.

Login is quick, in very few clicks and the page that I am served after login is clean. Balance and bank account information is right at the center. Most common user actions, like ‘view statement’, ‘make a payment’ are to the right.

Following the principle of consistency, and intuitiveness - Logout, Profile, Help/Support links are at the top right. The website is fast and responds well.

In summary here are a few takeaways for a good UX

  1. Keep it Simple. Reduce clutter
  2. Fewer words: use commonly known icons where you can.
  3. Fewer clicks to perform tasks.
  4. Intuitive : Place most frequently used items where people are most likely to look for.
  5. Accessibility : Responsive to various device sizes. Good font sizes and types.
  6. Consistent look and feel across website and app.