Summer prospects

Summer is upcoming and all students try to find something to be busy with during these countless days. In fact, these days will become then the best memories for the next school year. So we are here to speak over some interesting variants if your list of summer prospects is still a white sheet of paper. These variants will include opportunities from local to international and they for sure will be of great fun and value for school students.

Of course, you may say “C’mon, it’s just April, we’ve got a lot of time to think about it”. But don’t forget that some teen travel camps require early registration to be sure of having a spot or save some money due to discounts on early sign in. let’s consider some options for summer vacation.

Rustic Pathways ( is for those who want to travel around the world. This organization offers more than 100 programs in about 20 countries. Each program is different with its issues on community service, accommodation facilities, participants’ age, price and duration period. Anyway, it’s a perfect challenge and wonderful chance to get acquainted with students from all over the world, to learn another country’s traditions and culture, and get new experience. No matter where you want to go, they find a program for you.

One more way not only to have a rest but also to earn some hours of community service is Freedom School ( ). This is a program for children from low-income families. The goal of Freedom Schools is work on improving literacy for children. Funded by Fund of Children’s Defense, this organization gives opportunity for kids not only to learn but also get a camp experience, which they cannot afford due to financial circumstances. Children of 7 0 12-years-old are motivated to read, make up a positive attitude towards school and learning, connect to the family, etc.

If you are a high school student, you’ll have responsibilities as a Junior Service-Leader-Intern who performs functions of work with children, such as reading books, give some short history lessons, play games, sing songs and so on. You’ll have a lot of chances to make friends with these children.

Teen travel camp has got various programs for all ages: Children & Youth, After School program, Summer Camp, Teens program, Sports& Swim, etc. And this is just general information. If to go into details, there are much more fun for your children and you to have. This camp provides different programs starting from swimming classes for toddlers, specialty classes, language classes, mini camps, etc.

The mission of the Kings Bay took inspiration in Jewish ideas and values. It is to create strong and lasting friendship and deep connection among individuals and families, no matter for age, race, religion and culture.

Travel for Teens ( ) is another international experience that allows teenagers to discover the world. Teens should be turned into travelers — that’s the main goal. It includes lot of programs and their challenge is to make education, safety and having fun balanced. Schedules for students are quite flexible, but anyway they are in safe and sound environment. No chance to get involved into something bad like Your children are safe! And for them this will be a trip of a lifetime to Barcelona, New Zealand, Paris, Amsterdam and Belgium.

Want to get education in college during summer? Well, pre-college programs of Summer Discovery ( offer you to enrich in any area, no matter if it is business or marine biology. More than 300 courses in 13 campuses, some of which are abroad! The target is to educate, give college experience and teach students in their area of interest.