Voice Searches will be 50% of all Google Searches

Suprava C
Suprava C
Apr 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Dallas based marketing firm, Bezel Marketing, believes that all searches conducted on Google within the next 5 years will be via voice search. The Director of Marketing Daniel Ghebrihiwet spoke to us on how he believes so, and what can be done to jump ahead of the curve. Bezel Marketing is a marketing firm that specializes in Social Media Marketing and Digital Presence.

So here are the facts:

• Voice searches account for 20% of all Google searches as of March 2017.

• Only 1% of all searches were conducted via voice search in 2016.

• Voice Search is becoming more common in products like Amazon Echo and Google Home on top of Siri and Cortana.

Mobilization, Mobilization, Mobilization

It’s a no brainer that Mobilization is the future. Voice searches are predominately conducted for mobile/portable devices. Whether your business comes up in a search, or you’re wanting your business to show up more often, you must have a mobile site. That site must be optimized in every way possible.

• Landing Pages are key in retaining traffic driven to your site

• Efficient loading times are key to even having people click on your site, and stay long enough to see what you’re presenting.

• Micro Data is essential in every way possible. Google takes details into account in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Sitemaps, schema, and long tail keywords are important.

Sometimes being too general can hurt you when it comes to a popular keyword in your niche industry.

The increasing trend of mobilization is very real. Preparing for this trend will be very rewarding down the road.

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