I Like College…Ewww

Hello. My Name is Soup.

I am attending a University in the states and in the midst of finals weeks, I’m writing this for you. What am I writing about? Actually I’m writing about college…yeah, surprise. I’m telling you to reconsider attending or maybe think about going into higher education.

But Why?

I personally have mixed feeling depending on my mood, what time of the day it is or what the weather is like. I can’t describe college in one word, it’s just… weird, BIG, fun, cute dogs, good looking faces, and I just wanna sleep type of feelings. Its everything you could ever dream of…umm Awkward. Wow, do I sound like a paid commercial or what, but you’re still thinking about college.. Right. Let it seep through your brain and into your pores, hopefully it wouldn’t clog them, but keep thinking about college, let it speak to you. Hmmmmmm…..College.

In order to be considered human and not a robot you have to learn the art of communication. Where else, but be able to do it in college. For an example, I have made new friends, yep I actually have friends. Plus I really like these people because as much as I love potatoes, they do as well.

It’s easier to meet people in a classroom setting because people are just sitting there and eventually you will need to talk to them. Make the first move.

When can I go to college? Is it too late for me? It’s whenever you feel ready. Most students aren’t ready to commit themselves into another learning program after graduating from high school and that’s completely fine. They might decide to take a gap year and go travel. Do what works best for you physically, emotionally and financially. Whenever you’re ready that pathway to success will be their.

What do I get out of college? Do I earn more money or get a better job? College lets you explore your passion without the need to be committed. What do I mean by this? You will get to take courses that interest you and that doesn’t mean you have to be committed because you can always change your mind and find something else new to try. It’s a great opportunity to get into courses that you might see as hobbies but later on they might turn into a career. You never know.

I for one had my head stuck in waiting to be a neurosurgeon and I knew what steps I needed to take to get their. But I saw the variety of courses offered to me, some that I never even heard of, I was in shock. I decided to take the chance and try out Anthropology. I had no prior experience in this subject at all, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But I actually really enjoy it. It uplifts my spirits in humanity, I know it sounds crazy, but looking back at the history of modern humans gave me clarity. With so much racial tension in the world, this class looked back at where we all came from. We think we’re all so different, yet we are so alike. I’m getting all weird and stuff, so let’s just get away from my brain and concentrate on you.

At the end of the day the decision is on you, if you go or don’t. Maybe know is not the right time or maybe it is, just think about. Go ahead submit an application…Just do it.