Starting Career as an Android Developer

Hello every one, today I am expressing my personal experience as an Android developer. My developer career life is started when I placed in Startxlabs Technologies pvt ltd. company through college campus Drive as a Android Developer. My first thought after placing in this company was how I would Start up with Android ? I never use to code in Android in my past life, I was just like a beginner in android apps domain. I had no lecture on this Android field at collage, In collage my fields are Core java, C++, C,, Database, OS, and some other field.

The first thing I realize in android it is totally same as like as java code, it is also free ware, available by Google. But, still it took two or three week to learns android basic flow. I personally recommended you to go through for any kind of reference you need in android. As my experience that two or Three weeks were very boring. The thing is , I had gone through the terms and keywords use in android. Now, after completing my two months I really feel that two or three weeks are useful for me for beginning. One thing is very good with me , that is my senior’s are seriously very helpful, whenever I stuck somewhere or can’t able to understood any term they help me out.

Now my one app is completed on android it is collections of quiz game’s based on numbers. I put animations and sound effects in it at different events it is interesting when I managing all this stuff.

If you are also starting your career in android developer may these point help you out :

Have patience and read as much as you can.

· It may take even a month to understand the basic do not irritate. It is not like C, C++, in a single day you can code your first program like “hello world” or “sum of two no”.

· Once you got basic knowledge, other things you may learn when they needed according to your needs.

· If you are familiar with it is quite similar to that there is also designing part of code is manage in different file that files are called layouts that are manage in .xml extension files, and java code are separately manage in .java extension files.

How to Start?

Installation phase:

· In starting I am also very confuse when I surfing from net which applications or software we needed to start it, somewhere mentioned Eclipse and somewhere Android Studio.

· I personally used Android Studio but, you can use any one of these, there is not much difference in code material I think but not sure, I choose Android Studio, Because now a day it is more in use.

· First, We need Android Studio setup from . Installation Guide is also available. In additional you need SDK that will automatically asking you to install SDK when you are installing Android Studio.

· Here one more thing, which is important to know, There are different API’s packages and some tools we have to install. API’s are libraries, which is supporting with different version of android.

· After installing the above stuff now open the Android studio, click on SDK manager icon, which is available on toolbar. New window appears, now select the API’s or tools you want to download, as beginner select all tools, all extras, API 21 and API 14 Install it.

· Now it is ready for use.

Learning Phase:

· As I discussed above all the learning material is available on

· Explore the site by using site Map

· First, Develop Tab then Training Tab, topic list on left side go through one by one.

· For design, Tutorial go to Design Tab.

· Also available sample codes and video tutorials where needed

· To run sample code open Android studio, File then Import Project and browse location.

In starting, I had faced some problems but as much as I learn and practice it become easier. It really feels good when things are done according to me on my android device. Now I am Satisfied, I choose that field to start as my career.

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