Implementing the Social-Reviews feature for an application.

Crio.Do had collaborated with Developer Students Club of college and provided us with two Micro-Experiences : QReview and System Design. These Micro-Experiences has provided me the experience as a developer in the software industry. I have completed the QReview micro-experience which offered me to take a developer’s seat to implement a feature to share reviews of customers of an application called QEats over social media platforms.

Crio.Do has provided me with an opportunity to build this real-world product, to implement a feature that could share customer reviews from scratch through their Learn-by-Doing methodology. They provided a little insight and resources that we could use to implement this feature. This micro-experience has made me learn how to use git while working on a project that’s collaborated by multiple people. I had a little knowledge of python while taking on this micro-experience which is mostly as you guys know just those introductory stuff provided in an academic curriculum. Through this micro-experience, I have learned to set up a Django Server that could receive the reviews from customers from the QEats android app and share them over a popular social media platform, Facebook. This micro-experience provided a hands-on opportunity to use various third-party APIs (mainly Facebook Graph API )in implementing this feature. In this journey, I had to come across an awesome third-party API provided by clarifai which uses computer vision technology to derive hashtags from the pictures. I used this to derive some suitable hashtags for reviews from the Images uploaded by customers.

This journey hasn’t been a cakewalk for me, sometimes it did drive me crazy whenever I got stuck on a task. However, after completing all the modules in this micro-experience I have gained enough knowledge that I could use to implement various third-party APIs to write scripts that would automate several tasks in our daily life. I would suggest anyone reading this article to go try on this QEats micro-experience to relish the experience as a developer and seize the benefits from Crio’s Learn-by-Doing methodology.




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