BREAKING NEWS-Dr. Keenan Cofield, Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .Com Just Released an Update on their New Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund-GoFundMe Page and Campaign Needs The Communities and Worlds Help

Henrietta Lacks

“The Mother of Modern Medicine”




By: Dr. Keenan Cofield

March 14, 2019

Baltimore, MD


Office of The Supreme GRAND Bishop

Dr. Keenan Cofield, DD/JD/Ph.D./Psy.D

Founder & CEO of Henrietta Lacks. LLC, .com & .app

and Dr. Oscar Phillips

Baltimore, MD

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BREAKING NEWS-Dr. Keenan Cofield, Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .Com Just Released an Update on their New Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund-GoFundMe Page and Campaign Needs The Communities and Worlds Help

Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund-GoFundMe Page

Just think about the medical contribution Henrietta Lacks has given through her cells to tens of millions of people around the world. While, the Lacks Family have not benefited other than a few signs, street name changes, that took 68 years, HBO and Oprah did not even give the Lacks Family a “Baltimore Crab Cake or Chicken Wing box with cold fries.” Still no financial help to the Lawrence Lacks and family. Many Young Lacks Family members are being used like Deborah and pimped like dish water. Hopkins, and the State of Virginia are the ones benefiting from using the Lacks name.

Henrietta Lacks, LLC is issuing a stern WARNING, that some actions are in the works and many surprises are forth-coming. Henrietta Lacks, LLC pen has no friends in our attempts to protect Henrietta Lacks.

Henrietta and Henrietta Lacks, LLC, need your help and financial support to solve the medical murder of Henrietta Lacks, and get long awaited Justice for the victim Henrietta Lacks, her deceased husband David Lacks who said before he died, “ I believe the doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD killed my wife.” That fact or statement is true. Henrietta Lacks, LLC and Dr. Keenan Cofield, The Chief Principal Investigator over the project, with 22 plus years investigating this matter, has the evidence and has cracked the case. Henrietta Lacks, LLC officials have spoken to prosecutors who admit, Henrietta Lacks was the victim of criminal negligence homicide. Though all the doctors are deceased, Johns Hopkins Hospital is still responsible. Like these other college scandals, this fraud and medical scandal will break Hopkins, with thousands of lawsuits and Plaintiffs lawyers lining up after we start releasing our report, and findings.

Henrietta Lacks is not the only victim. There are thousands of victims at Hopkins dating back for decades. Johns Hopkins Hospital is tied into not just that One Billion Dollar pending federal Syphilis lawsuit, Dr. Cofield discovered several critical things in that case, Big time civil lawsuit lawyers had not known, that could change the outcome of the case.

Now help us prove it! Henrietta Lacks was murdered by doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD almost 68 years ago, known now as “The White Coat Killers.” We need the World to go to our web site and GpFundMe pages and give us a Big hand to bring these criminals to justice.

The Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund-GoFundMe page campaign is to be used to bring JUSTICE to Henrietta Lacks first, and her family as a GOD sent Angel and medical miracle but murder victim used as a lab rat shot up with radium planted and sewed inside of Henrietta, that cooked her insides like being in the electric chair by doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital known as “The White Coat Killers.”

If you are interested in our cause and wish to give a donation of any amount, CLICK HERE to proceed to the GoFundMe page link for the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund. Henrietta has issued an official Press Release launching the Hela Cell-Legal Defense Fund GoFundMe page. Henrietta Lacks LLC and .com ask that you share this link and campaign with family, friends and business associates.

Henrietta Lacks, LLC and .com shall update our web site and GoFundMe pages as allowable. This is a criminal investigation and only certain information can be released at this time to the public.


on this link to go to the Henrietta new web site. This site is still under some construction and work is being added, daily.